Amalia Balash - Emily Palmerchuck (12)

Emily Palmerchuck portrays the female lead of She Loves Me, Amalia Balash. Having had a role in every production since her freshman year, Palmerchuck was cast as the newest addition to Maraczek's Parfumerie, who is at odds with another clerk, Georg Nowack, throughout the musical.

Georg Nowack - Jacob Troupe (11)

Jacob Troupe plays the male lead, Georg Nowack. Georg is one of the clerks at the Parfumerie, who falls in love with his pen pal, which he knows as "dear friend," that he met through a Lonely Hearts Club.

Mr. Maraczek - Dale Miller (12)

The owner of Maraczek's Parfumerie, Mr. Maraczek, is brought to life by Dale Miller. Miller has had a role in each production throughout his high school career, and this year he plays a shop owner with a love of dancing.

Ilona Ritter - Allison Collings (12)

The other named female character in She Loves Me is Ilona Ritter, portrayed by Allison Collings. While at odds with her love interest, Ilona takes a meaningful trip to the library.

Steven Kodaly - Dean King (11)

Dean King plays the flirtatious Steven Kodaly, another clerk at Maraczek's. With major roles in previous productions under his belt, King brings even more romance to the romantic comedy, She Loves Me.

Ladislov Sipos - Patrick Hicks (11)

Patrick Hicks portrays the third male clerk at Maraczek's Parfumerie, Ladislov Sipos. As the close friend of Troupe's Georg, Ladislov assists Georg in meeting Georg's "dear friend" for the first time at the Cafe Imperiale.

Arpad laszlo - Logan Williams (12)

Delivery boy Arpad Laszlo is brought to the stage by Logan Williams. In addition to making deliveries, Arpad stocks shelves in the Parfumerie, including musical cigar boxes.

Maitre d'hotel - Dylan Poffenberger (11)

Dylan Poffenberger plays the head waiter at the Cafe Imperiale. His job is to preserve a romantic atmosphere, despite the shenanigans that ensue thanks to a waiter portrayed by Nick Alfree (11).

She Loves Me

The musical was held in the James Buchanan High School auditorium with three performances over the St. Patrick's Day weekend. Alongside regular tickets, VIP tickets were offered, which included posters signed by the cast, priority seating, and vanilla ice cream.


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