Life cycle of a frog By Jia

Hi I am Jia and I'm doing a lifecycle of a frog

I'm starting with the egg

Female frogs lay hundreds of eggs

Most photo from video number 2

Male fertilises the eggs after the female lay the eggs

Some eggs break by rain and wind

There is a bunch of jelly which keeps the egg together and give them protection

A big group of eggs in a blob of jelly is called spawn

After a few week the eggs hatch into tadpole

After tabpole hatch they eat the York of the egg which is where they hatch

After a few days from they hatch they grow gills

And their tail will grow longer

Next they grow fins

Then grills disappear

Hidden limb will appear afterward

They grow into a froglet and the develop forelimbs

At last the tail get shorter and shorter until the tail is gone

And now it turned into a frog

And now it lay eggs and it will repeat all that again which is why this is called lifecycle

Also frogs need to hibernate to keep it self warm too, like the other animals

Adult frogs eat worms, snail and flys, a bit disgusting

Thank you for listening hopefully you enjoyed that

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