Analyse the application of risk management strategies to a challenging outdoor activty. jorja kapua....................................................................

1) identify the most relevant risk and casual factor? the most risks at wero was someone getting injured (sprained ankle), this was the most relevant risk because it was easy to sprain it on the brick under the water. the cause of factor was that because people did not listening to instruction properly and did not follow the rules. spraining your ankle was the most relevant risk was because it was just easy to do it and the most common injury.

2) explanation of your choice and application of risk management strategies?

before trip- filled out permission sips and also filled out the medicaton form and the rams form, so that it could help me from proventing a sprained ankle because i reed the words on the forms properly that said wear the right equipment and be careful.

during the trip- the strategy i used was to listen with my ears and to follow the instructions. when we would fall out of the boat the instructor told us to keep our feet out of the water and also your head and just float with the water.

3) make a comprehensive judgement?

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