Ballet, My Dance Major By Lana Phy

Introducing Ballet

Ballet is a romantic type of dance. In ballet, you dance but you don't talk. You need to think in advance in order to do it right. People look forward to the dance being beautiful and gentle. You need to do what the people look forward to. In order to make a beautiful show, you must work hard and put a lot of effort in order to make ballet the way it is. That means that you have to show what the story or dance is saying. You need to allow the people understand what the story is saying with dancing. People can express the story if you use your personality to express yourself.

Expressing feelings in ballet

Many different types of people express themselves in many special ways. According to Victoria and Albert Museum,"Young artists, writers, poets and dancers wanted the freedom to express themselves in a spontaneous and individual way. " People can express themselves by using personality and attitude. Many people such as writers, poets, journalists, artists, and many more can express themselves. They express themselves in their own special way.

Ballet is hard, beautiful and romantic

In conclusion, Ballet can be romantic. Ballet can be really hard to do. There are many circumstances to be able to do ballet the right way. Such as, expressing yourself, show what the story is saying and get the correct steps to the dance or story. You also need to think in advance because that is what dancers do to be dancers and to do the dance right. Ballet is romantic, hard and beautiful.

These two photos shows how ballet is romantic and beautiful.

Many steps

There are many important things to dance. Especially, the ballet terms. Such as, pirouette, plie, 4th position, high retire and more. These terms are very important to ballet. That's because these terms are moves in ballet. In ballet, you don't just learn the move. But, you have to understand what the term means and how to pronounce it. If you understand and know how to pronounce it, you will know what to do when someone says to do it or if you want to do it. There are many steps to these terms. But, you need to know them. You need to know the terms because if you don't, you won't do the term correct and it won't be smooth. These terms are very important and can sometimes be complicated.


There are many steps to do a pirouette. There are at least three steps. But, it depends on what kind. You start off with your feet and arms in 4th position. You plie with the same position. You spin with your arms in first position and put your foot on high retire. According to Victoria and Albert Museum,"Begin in Fifth Position. To begin a pirouette en dehor, we must begin with our feet in fifth position. Start with your right foot in front this time. The feet should be as close to parallel as possible--not overexerting the body--with your right toes touching your left heel, and your left toes touching your right heel." This is a simple pirouette. There are more difficult and different pirouette.

Steps and Pirouette

In conclusion, ballet can have many steps to it. Especially, the terms. Ballet or the terms can be very hard to do, understand and complicated. You need to know many thing in order to do the terms. These things can be complicated and hard. But, you need to work hard to do it right. The work will pay off.

This is the steps to do a pirouette.


Pirouette - A spin or turn in a position

2. Plie - bending of the knee

3. 4th Arm Position - arms in an L shape

4. 4th foot position - feet across from each other turned out.

5. 1st Position - arms are in rounded shape lifted above the waist.

6. High Retire - one foot is on the standing leg above the knee and pointed.

7. Attitude - moving the hips.

8. Personality - showing their traits.

Comparing and Contrasting

Jazz and Ballet can be different and similar in many different ways. Such as, being hard, feet positions, arm positions and more. But these position are used in different ways. Ballet is a great dance. But, jazz is too. Jazz is more movement than ballet is. This is how ballet and jazz can be different and similar in many ways.

Jazz and Ballet

Jazz and Ballet can be similar. They can be similar because they are both hard, complicated, have many techniques and use positions. The positions they use are feet and arm positions. They both can use the same terms too. Such as, high retire, pirouette and more. They can also use the same dance moves. Dance moves is just another word for terms. But, it is a bit different. According to Natalie Andrews,"The main similarity between jazz and ballet lies in the technique." It lies in the technique because they use almost the same techniques but they use it differently. Not only can jazz and ballet can be similar, but they can also be different. They can be different because ballet is slow, romantic, and gentle. Jazz is fast, uses more attitude and uses more personality. According to Admin,"Ballet is considered more of a classical dance form whereas jazz is believed to be a casualty al and relaxed dance form," Admin is correct. Ballet and jazz are sort of the opposite.

In conclusion, jazz and ballet can be different and similar in many different ways. For example, the positions, difficulty and more. The things that are similar is that they are both hard, use positions and moroe. The differences are that jazz is fast, has attitude, personality and more. While, ballet is slow, romantic and gentle. This is how jazz and ballet are different and similar.

The song Born to Hand-Jive (Broadway) is an example of an upbeat song for jazz

This song represents the flow of ballet.

This is the history of Ballet:


1. What is high retire?

2. What happened in the 1800s?

3. Describe how ballet and jazz are different and similar.

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