Basketball killer ankles!

You got to believe in what you want to achieve.
Basketball Is a Passion, Not a Life Style...
Practice and Dedication Makes Perfect, but Hope and Faith Makes Your Dreams Come True. In basketball you don't just have a team, there is no I in Team, It is not just you having friends that help you out in a game. A Team is a family. You're there for each other, help each other out, trust each other, most importantly take care of each other. that is the biggest thing about having a team, because if you do not understand something they are the ones there to help you understand and teach you it. It is better than being confused in a game then get pulled out. Do not ever get down on your team, or just you in general because that gets the whole team down and really in a game all you need is confidence, even if you are losing. A lot of people like basketball because it is addicting, but not only that, it helps you. When you are having a bad day you can just go outside and dribble the ball or shoot around. In practices, you can take all your anger out by going hard. In games, there is no mercy in games, you go at it and literally you pretend like you going against at who or what you are mad at. For me, when i play basketball for like two hours or three hours, i take all my anger out and when i get home or wherever i go afterwards, i am in a such a better mood. Basketball is my addiction.

I started playing when i was 10. At first i hated it because i just wanted to be good at that same point, but my dad always told me that practice makes perfect. After that day, i literally practiced almost every day for a few hours. Then i faced fears, i went and joined my brothers travel team and that is when i really improved. I played with all boys for a while, i got physical and stronger mentally and physically. What i am trying to say, Just like my favorite player, Lebron James says "Go for what you want, and believe you can do it." believe in yourself and in your team. you will always need it.



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