We are...

The Litéra Experience

We have a specific way of doing business. One that incorporates our values as an organization. This is who we are; we hope it is reflected in your experience with us.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."- Gandhi

“Wow-ing” Our Clients

At every touch point and at every interaction, we want our clients to feel cared for. We want clients to walk away from a contact with a Litéra team member thinking...

“Wow! That person was helpful!” or “Wow! That person was responsive!” or best of all-

“Wow! That person really listened!”

Acting with Integrity

We are honest. We are straightforward. We are trustworthy.

“Doing the Right Thing”

Starts with acting with integrity. We talked about that already. More so, it means always doing what’s right, even if it isn’t cheap or expedient.

Being Accountable

When Litéra promises you something, we will deliver. If we make a mistake, we will own it – and fix it. We won’t pass the buck.

"Action Beats Intention." - Deepak Massand

Why do we do what we do?

Having experienced firsthand the frustrations and value-eroding processes associated with managing documents, transactions and relationships, Litéra is changing the way executives work…we are passionately removing the manual document processes that impede productivity, increase risks and inflate costs.

We understand that it is no longer good enough to work hard.

We are dedicated to empowering knowledge workers and executives with “Intelligent Document Systems” to control risks and reduce costs (for example, litigation and transactions).

We uniquely enable collaboration to achieve the best outcomes, and mobility to allow people to work anywhere on any device.

Our ultimate goal? To give you back an hour or two each day to do what you need to do for your business or for your personal life.

Why was Litéra created?

No business is done without documents. Documents are the currency of business and the knowledge and unique intellectual property that defines an organization resides in documents. Many people use the term “data” and refer to structured data, unstructured data (essentially documents) far exceeds in quantity and value to the business. Knowledge workers spend a frustrating amount of time on documents and their lifecycle.

Litéra takes a holistic view to help clients:

  • Reimagine documents — control and collaborate without borders
  • Recapture time and remove barriers to greater visibility, accuracy and secure collaboration, enabling every person to make better and faster decisions
  • Reduce risks and protect your reputation
  • Remove compliance regulation headaches
"We make it easy to do the right thing." - Paul Domnick

What do we do?

We improve HOW you work with documents.

We offer ways to CREATE, CONTROL and COLLABORATE on documents that improve productivity and reduce risk at the same time.

We allow organizations to REGAIN CONTROL of every document throughout its lifecycle, reduce risks associated with accuracy and security of documents and enable true collaboration.

We eliminate manual and menial processes, substituting intelligent document controls and collaboration tools to reduce costs and risks while improving productivity, speed and quality.

We provide greater visibility, accurate and timely information and facilitate better and faster collaboration leading to better decisions.

Litéra is passionate about creating technology to increase productivity and reduce costs so individuals and companies can achieve more with less. We help them reduce the time and risk elements of document related tasks to allowing knowledge workers to repurpose the time to move their project forward, increase visibility, reduce costs, improve quality and protect the business from risks and reputation loss.

We provide game changing tools for business efficiency enabling you to ... “Do more with less”.

We never stop improving the process to work smarter instead of harder, we have changed the game of how you do business.

We are to document management - what smart phones are to cell phones….we have raised the bar of business efficiency and risk management.

The Content Confidence® Company


Litéra Corp.

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