4A13 Maeve Faulkner my trip to america

My name is Maeve Faulkner,and I came from Ireland. I woke up from sleeping when all of the sudden I here land hole!I jumped up try to see but I was to short.I was yelling I want to see I want to see.A few minutes later we were there.When we got there everyone started to kiss the ground.I thought it was gross because people were getting sea sick on the boat.My name used to be Mae Rose!weird right? '.)

When I saw the statue of liberty I was happy crying so hard that my hole face was wet.Now I live in Indiania. My job is a art teacher.

that is where I used to live

the only 4 facts I new was the statue of liberty was a gift from France, the statue is modled after libertas the atient roman goddess of freedom, it hours a person,and it stands in New York harbor.

  • I got to be in a video
  • I got to here other peoples opinions about Elis Iland
  • I was menchaned a lot in the story

websites Ellis Iland Interactive Tour ,BrainPopJr Statue of liberty, Google Images


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