Lower School Library & Design Lab Newsletter November 2018

Pre-K Literacy in the Library and Design Lab

Pre-K students learned about the letter D in class. In the library, Ms. Abrams read Do Not Bring Your Dragon to Recess by Julie Gassman to the class. The students then discussed words that start with D and wrote the words on the board with Ms. Abrams before checking out books with D in the title.

Pre-K students went into the Design Lab to construct letters A, B, C, and D out of Legos.

Kindergartners built, designed, and constructed boats that could travel down the amazon river as a part of their South American social studies unit.
First grade students painted owls and then designed 3d owls as a part of their science curriculum.

First and Second Graders Make Their Mark!

After first-and second-grade students were read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, they made dots of many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Third grade students were read numerous books by Kate DiCamillo and William Joyce. They learned the authors' specific styles and decorated paper book cut-outs with their favorite book's story elements (character, plot, setting, etc.).
Fourth grade students learned about folktales in preparation for their Silk Road folktale curriculum unit. The students also went into the design lab to learn about measurement, leading up to creating 3d models of the silk road.

Fifth grade: making "work" easier with simple machines

Fifth grade students learned about simple machines in the Design Lab. The students got hooked after watching a video called This Too Shall Pass by OKGoSandbox (see video below). After the video, the students brainstormed in groups the difference between what is work and what is not work, which led to the scientific definition that work is the moving of some object over a distance. Six simple machines were briefly introduced as a means to make work easier. Students were given a stack of cards showing all the simple machines and had to sort and classify each picture into the appropriate simple machine category. To finish the lesson, they watched the video again, but this time they had to write down as many simple machines as they could observe.

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