Magic eyes vision training Workshop for children

What most parents do not realize is that the growth of children's eyes is controlled not by genetics but by what the children see. Most children come into this world far-sighted (between + 2.00 and 3.00 diopters) and their eyesight gradually normalizes over the first 10 years of life. The medical term for this is emmetropization (emmetropia - having perfect eyesight).

Glasses plus ipad is a sure way to near sightedness
The eyeball grow 1 m.m. every year For the first 5 years of life then slows down.

Nature intended eyesight to be set for distance, since this was the most important attribute during most of mankind's evolution, and so children should develop their distance vision first. Today, we have far too many things that are colorful and near and, also, children are encouraged to start their education earlier and earlier therefore spending less and less time outdoors. In fact, some parents keep their children indoors (mostly using their near vision) much more than outdoors (developing distance visionI).

Excessive video gaming affect eyesight.

From the above we know that the growth of children'eyes is influenced by what the child sees or the environment in which the child lives. Problems arise because of extensive near activities such as reading, playing video games and doing school work. Even watching TV locks the eye-focusing system into the distance to the TV.

Let's try an experiment to illustrate the eye-focusing system, which is operated by all the muscles in and around the eyes, works. Make either the left or right hand into a fist. Then, with the other hand squeeze it really hard for a few seconds. Remove the hand and try to move your fingers. It's more difficult, right? This is how the eye muscles feel when you hold your focus at one distance for a long time. Medically this is known as sustained accommodation. The eyes are not designed to look at a book or an iPad for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years but the eye-focusing system adapts to the environment in which it finds itself.

My Very first glasses.

The result is the onset of myopia or near-sightedness. Children is the fitted with glasses in order to correct the refractive error.

Then what happen?

Every year the glasses need to be replaced, once or twice, because the myopia becomes progressively worse and worse. Glasses correct myopia but do nothing for the actual physical condition causing myopia in the first place.

What can be done?

Attend a Magic Eyes workshop for children (aged 8 to 12 years only). This class focuses on what works. Parents and child will learn how the two of you together can restore the child's vision to normal.

A young boy having his astigmatism checked.

Vision training exercises for children are highly effective and can, in a few days, reverse several diopters of near-sight. Glasses become things of the past. Magic eyes workshops for children is effective for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, eye-coordination problems, strabismus and amblyopia.

This is what one parent wrote:

"Thank you for bringing Magic Eyes to Sweden.

Willie is 11 years old and he has worn glasses since he was five and half. He has Hyperopia + 6.00 diopters, Astigmstism and also a little bit Near sight so he could not read without glasses. We found natural vision on-line and started to read about it. However, we were skeptical, could it be this good? If it is this good, why doesn't everyone practice it? We still wonder why Vision Training is not a common practice.

Fly kites more often.

It is difficult to tell you most how much Magic Eyes has done for Wille. a few months before we participated in the workshop his eyesight became a little worse so we changed to even stronger glasses. Wille was Very unhappy about this. Then we talked about his eyes and glasses. He thought that he would need glasses for the rest of his life. Or at least until he was 18. We had already planned, since he was nine, that he would have eye surgery so he would not need glasses anymore.

At the worktop he practiced regularly and was very committed. Wille practiced with the small eye-chart, the bigger eye-chart and the clown about 4 times a week. Sometimes less, sometimes more, once a day, sometimes twice, about 5 - 10 minutes each time. This continue for a period of about two months from the time of the workshop. After this he could read 4 point print and read the bottom of the bigger eye-chart On the wall.

During and after the workshop Wille has undergone a wonderful transformation, and not only with his eyes.

We cannot explain in words what Magic Eyes has done to Wille's life. Today I see a boy who's eyes shine, who is full of life, who is happy and has lots of energy. He now feels free and is more active than before.

In our case, we consider the fact that our son, from having +6.00 diopters glasses to not needing glasses at all today, is truly amazing. I'm starting to understand that Vision Training and Magic Eyes are for real, that they really work.

Wille told us at breakfast that he was thinking about how only two days can change your whole life.

This summer Wille buried his three pairs of glasses in the woods at our country home.

Now you can do this as well.

The next Magic Eyes workshops for children from 8 to 12 years are:

Hong Kong

Call (852) 3906 1456


Call (65) 6443 0258


Call 04 0273 6086


Call (905) 2563 1022

Each class is limited to maximum 15 children and one parent each.

Register now seats are limited.

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