Good Life tour of the Harn Museum of Art Sarah larson

Medium of Art

The sculpture I found most interesting at the Harn was the Hen, which was made out of one piece of solid granite. The Hen was somewhat large and looked quite heavy. The details etched into the stone were breathtaking. I found the sculpting of stone to be really beautiful and striking because of how much time and detail it takes. The Hen communicated comedy to me. I laughed when I saw it and asked to get my picture taken with the "giant stone chicken". Truthfully I don't know whether if that was the sculptor's intention but I found the chicken funny none the less.

Design of the Museum

The wing of the museum I found most appealing was the rock garden. As I was walking through I assumed the patterns within the gravel were set, however I realized this was not the case. The small stones have been raked into intricate patterns and I found that really beautiful. I also found it amazing that the stones were just left like that, and that no one had disturbed them. It brought a greater faith in humanity that others had seen this rock garden, and decided against messing up the patterns. Often times people feel the need to destroy or mess up beautiful things and it was amazing to see the rock garden so undisturbed. I felt a sense of peace sitting in the garden. It had a wonderful view and breeze passing through. It was a very calming experience.

Art and Core Values

The artwork that brought out my core values was a piece that was part of the Guerrilla Girls exhibit. The artwork was a statement on the wage gap between men and women in America. The artwork instill a broad range of emotions for me. I felt a sense of outrage seeing the piece. It instills a feeling of anger and a desire for justice. I also felt a sense of sisterhood, the Guerrilla Girls feel the same frustrations as i do. Seeing it helped reaffirm my core values and desire for an equal wage.

Art and the Good Life

The artwork that I thought most conveyed the Good Life theme was the picture of Frida Kahlo with a deer entitled "Frida with Granizo". The picture shows a true connection with the natural world. Frida is at peace with the deer. The deer does not fear her touch and stays completely still for the picture. The picture conveys a peace with the world around you. The deer and Frida are connected and they feel calm in each others presence. It is a powerful picture showing two beings being in harmony with one another. I think it conveys balance and a sense of well being.

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