Emperor and Empresses in Japan by kaylen pedersen

Main Aspect of Feudalism in Japan

The emperor's main aspects of feudalism is that he/she was the shogun's spokesperson. This all started when the emperor sent an army to fight as he lost power and when the army came back the emperor named the leader a shogun, because he didn't want them to overthrow him. The emperor was not as powerful because the shoguns, daimyo and samurai were too powerful. The shogun were the leaders of the army and had almost all political involvement, The Daimyo would followed the shoguns rules and the samurai would follow the Daimyo’s rule and the samurai would be paid by peasants to protect land and if a samurai came to fight you would have a guard.

The advantages in feudalism in Japan for the empire.

pictures of diffrent scenes

The advantages of feudalism for the emperor was that they did not have to worry about taking the blame if something is wrong and they still got to have all their money and everything so they had a way easier life that peasants.

Disadvantages of Feudalism

The disadvantages the emperor had was they had no real power and they were just the spokesperson for the shogun, But overall they had the best life, for example they had the best meals.

For example they got rice and fish

How much control over the emperor's own life

The emperor had a lot of control over their own lives they would live in mansions, eat the finest food, do whatever they wanted in the day, had the best quality of kimonos and had luxurious life.

They got to live in a mansion

How control impacted life

The emperor wasn't controlled much except for the shoguns would have all the power while the emperor was seen more as a god or goddess, or even a religious leader. This made most of them happy because they didn't have to do much work and they still had a luxurious life so they were happy with that.

Unlike peasants, empire had an easy life.

The emperor's routine

Since the empire was not in charge he/she would dance, view gardens, watching sports, games and other entertainment. The empire would buy the finest food like fish, rice, sake and japanese sweets and meat was not eaten a lot due to religious reasons. The empire would wear kimonos, they were the most expensive kimonos and they were usually made out of silk and purple.

They would wear finest Kimonos

The emperor's role in the government

The emperor's role in the government was to get involved in religious ceremonies and they had little say in the shoguns decisions. They were also considered gods.

Who the emperor had power over

The emperor had little to no real power over anybody but the little power they had was over the peasants, because the shoguns had the real power.

Who has power over the Emperor

The shoguns have all the real power, while the emperor didn't have as much political involvement. The shoguns would control most of everything and had the only real power and the emperors were still kept because people believed they were a god or goddess or religious leader and not just someone else in the world.

Fun Facts about the emperor/empresses

During the feudalism time there were only two out of forty empresses but over time in the history there were eight empresses

first emperor was gotoba and the last being komei there were 40 empire during the feudal time


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