The California Sea lion Exhibit By Alisa

Hi! i'm Alisa I'm a keeper of the Sea lion. Do you want to learn about California Sea lion? I want to tell you about it so much that I can't wait! Today I will tell you about the California sea lion. It's all about their shelter, climate, food, water and Quality. Oh! and Welcome to the California Sea lion Exhibit! Also We are not

What kind is the sea lion?

The kind of sea lion i'm telling you about is a california sea lion, a very friendly sea lion. Unlike other sea lions who may be dangerous. Hey! have you watched the splash safari show in the zoo? Philip is a sea lion that comes out. He's probably a California sea lion because he's very friendly!

Climate and Shelter

A California sea lion's core body temperature is about 37.5°C (99.5°F).Which means they can live in very cold climates! They sleep or rest on rocks. They cool themselves down by staying in the water for a long period of time. They probably live mostly in Antarctica! I would give them land and rocks also fish in the water to hunt for and eat! i also made them rocks to sleep on land to sleep also and relax on!

Food and water

Sea lions don't look for food or collect food and eat leftovers from other animals. They collect food by hunting animals. For example, Fish is their favourite! They also eat penguins for survival. People say penguins enemies are sea lions! They swim in the ocean so I will probably say they drink water in where underwater animals swim even them! I would give them a place to swim and drink from! food will be provided in the water like fish swimming so the sea lion will learn to hunt for them!


I think I've done a great job creating the habitat for my seal there's water to swim and drink in, Fish for them to hunt and rocks for them to rest on! They also rest on shore sometimes.

!!Fun Facts!!

Did you know that...

First fun fact:Sea lions, with their unmistakably noisy quirks, are sure to get the attention of passersby. If you're ever lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a sea lion, he may be basking in the sun while enjoying a snooze, or he might be barking, letting his voice be heard.

second fun fact: Sea lions are quite the social party animals, as they are rarely found alone. In fact, they live much of their lives in large groups. Sometimes these groups may number in the thousands, but there are smaller sub-colonies of sea lions within the larger colony or pod. Sea lions enjoy the closeness of living together even if they have plenty of room to spread out further from one ANOTHER.

Third fun fact:Sea lions can swim 40km per hour! That's pretty faster than you think!

Here's a picture of a California sea lion picture!

This is the underwater world! For Many Fish and Species Who Live In The Sea

Look at these seals lying at the beach shore!

Watch out! The seal is looking at you :)

It's a way to cool down for the seal! Looks really cooling!

There's a bunch of birds and sea lions mixed up!

Look at this rocky place looks perfect for a sea lion to live in!!!

Here's a sea lion on a bar looking for someone or something!!!!!

Thanks For reading my page about california seals!


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