Adolf Hitler Maddie brooks

Artist, Dictator, Husband, Leader, Politician, Chandler, And a Genius, That's what you think of when you hear the name "Adolf Hitler", there's many things to say about him. But lets start with Artist.

Adolf Hitler had a pretty rough childhood. Before he was born his younger siblings died and his mother Klara Polzl was taking her kids for granted. When Hitler was born the mother never was meen and she never taught him discipline. But he always wanted to become an artist. When he got older he would usually go out and studied for art. And during the war when Hitler became who we know today, He stole famous paintings. That's what started the act of “The Monument Men”. “The Monument Men” were men that were Germans that would take the painting back from hitler. Hitler never became an artist but i guess guess stealing could be an option.

These are the monument men

Hitler is now known as the most powerful and famous Dictator in the 20th century, well we all new a had to tell you something about that. But i'm not talking about what you think. I'm Talking about him being a sneaky little Genius. Now Hitler thought that the jews where the all of Germany’s problems and loss of everything. When Hitler wanted to become chandler of Germany he told everybody that the Jew where the problem. He said that he wanted to get rid of them, he never really told them what he was really going to do.

This is adolf hitler after he won the election for chancellor.

But let's talk about the election. As we all know, Hitler became chancellor and he kinda forged his way around the truth like i just talked about. But other than that Hitler made everybody happy. He gave people their land back, He gave more shops, and he refused to lose. quote “I shan’t allow myself to be pushed aside”,he said, Also meaning he will be heard and he won't be ignored and he will be heard. And this is what he was like when he was a politician, he would never take no for an answer and he just said what people wanted to hear. He technically said that he would their lives better as long at the Jews are gone. But in the end he won chancellor and started WWII by attacking Portland in 1939.

But in the end Hitler started more than 50 ghettos, more concentration camps that no one could even imagine, and about 20 main camps.

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