In Memoriam Teachers pay tribute to Cuca rAcha

On a high school campus, May can become ... well, a little silly.

We're not just talking "Oops, I can't believe I said that" moments. We're talking Monte Python-esque Minister Of Silly Walks silly.

Which brings us to the story of Cuca Racha.

It started innocently enough. A dead roach in the hallway by the teacher mailboxes. No biggie, we see these every now and then. Right?

Not an uncommon sight in Texas.

But for some reason, nobody seemed too eager to clean it up. Maybe it was overlooked, maybe folks are just worn out from a long school year. But there the poor creature sat for a few days.

If we worked in an office somewhere, normal 9-to-5 folks, we'd just leave a note for the cleaning crew. But we're teachers. There's something ... different.

That's when the police tape went up.

OK, getting a bit more unusual.

The dead roach became a crime scene, wrapped in police tape. Next to the victim stood one of those evidence markers (homemade, but pretty official looking). But this was just the beginning.

Next came the memorials. First little flowers, tealight candles. A picture of the family in happier days. Candy and gifts. Eventually a teddy bear, more pictures. Now, a column with a guest book for mourners to sign.

Someone put way too much thought into this now.

And the legend of Cuca Racha was born.

Reading through the guest book, teachers have shared memories of the Rocha family. A family photos shows he left behind a wife and kids.

Seriously, why is this dead roach still here?

And the memorial keeps growing.

Was this the Prince of Roaches?

At some point, some custodian will quietly take it all away. At night, when the staff is home surfing Facebook, commenting about the memorial, it will disappear.

The back of the card notes it is for the Racha funeral.

But the memory will live on. At least until graduation in a couple of weeks.

Then the silly season ends. A dead roach is just a dead roach.

But for now, with final exams to prepare and EOCs to administer and STAAR tests disrupting the day and new staff changes being made daily, we'll enjoy the silliness.

Rest in peace, Cuca Racha.

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