Algebra III Trigonometry

Go to IXL.com, choose MATH, choose PRECALCULUS, go to sections M, N, & O. There are 30 skills under these 3 sections, you need to do them all - start with M.1 and go in order from there.

We will count a smart score of 80 as a 100%. If you can do all of those without whining (by date tba), we'll call Trigonometry finished and move on with no test! You will need to do at least 1 section per day - don't procrastinate and try to do them all at the end - it will be too much!

If you need extra guidance give this website a look:

Steps for finding the angle co-terminal, IF you can't find the given angle on the unit circle:

  1. Convert the given radians to degrees by using the top formula.
  2. Subtract from 360 degrees
  3. Convert that answer back to radians using the bottom formula.
  4. If the question is asking for a negative co-terminal, be sure to make your answer negative.
Unit Circle

on the unit circle the (x,y)=(cos, sin)


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