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Suicide Awareness Month

In the mental health world, September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness month. According to the American Health Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the tenth-leading cause of death (2016 data) in Tennessee, claiming over 1,000 lives per year. Roughly 100 of these are between the age of 10-24—suicide is the second-leading cause of death within this age group.

Nationally, suicide rates among youth (ages 15-24) have increased more than 200% in the last fifty years.

This topic is not easily discussed, however, it is imperative that we draw awareness to this growing cause of death among 10-24 year olds. We invite you to spend some time reviewing the below resources with your family to help combat mental illness.

Spend some time with your family looking at these simple things you can do together to reduce stress.

  1. Relax over breakfast.
  2. Organize your work
  3. Allow yourself to be imperfect
  4. Don't do it all.
  5. Plan time to do something different.
  6. Shut out unnecessary noise.
  7. Let people know what bothers you.
  8. Take a break.
  9. Develop stress-reduction strategies.
  10. Learn to laugh.

Important Dates for your Calendar

9/20 to 9/21/2018 - Senior Retreat

9/28/2018 - In-Service Day (No Classes)

10/1 to 10/5/2018 - Homecoming Week

10/8 to 10/12/2018 - Fall Break


Class of 2019 This time of year can feel overwhelming between managing classes, jobs, community service, and college preparations, but the good news is you have amazing support in your teachers, peers, and counselors. Mrs. Stone will be meeting with you individually to help you through the process and answer any questions about the below information.

FAFSA TIME… Already??

What you need to know about FAFSA (The Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

  • It is the main financial aid application that students complete to determine if they qualify for any state/federal scholarships (TN or GA HOPE/lottery) or grants.
  • It can be completed online at www.fafsa.gov
  • Your application for the 2019-2020 (year you are enrolling in college) and will be completed based off of 2017 tax information.
  • There will be an IRS Data Retrieval tool available which should simplify the process.

When you need to start the FAFSA >>Applications open OCTOBER 1, 2018<<

Before you start the FAFSA Application

  • students and parents/legal guardians will be required to create a FSA ID online
  • student and parent/legal guardian FSA IDs are used to access and sign the student’s FAFSA.

>>More FAFSA/Financial Aid information will be emailed to you at the end of the month<<

TN Promise

The Class of 2019 TN Promise (full scholarship for an Associate’s Degree) application opened for completion on August 1, 2018 and students will have until November 1, 2018 at 11:59 PM to complete the scholarship application in order to become eligible.

Due to the new FAFSA timeline, the TN Promise FAFSA filing deadline for Class of 2019 TN Promise students will be February 1, 2019.

If you are planning to apply for the TN Promise, you must apply to a TN Community College or a TN College of Applied Technology.

Informational Meetings:

  • TN Promise Fall Meeting: TBA December, 2018 at 5:30 PM ET at Chattanooga State Community College – strongly encouraged for important information
  • TN Promise Mandatory Spring Meeting: TBA March or April 2019 at 5:30 PM ET at Chattanooga State Community College

Things to Do:

  • Meet with Mrs. Stone for college prep information and questions
  • Make sure you have created an account or are on the prospect list for colleges that you have on your list.
  • Apply to the colleges on your list. Request Transcripts via Naviance.
  • Any requests that you want processed before Fall Break must be submitted via Naviance on or before Sept. 28
  • Check out ACT/SAT Test Prep opportunities.
  • Check NAVIANCE weekly for updated information.
  • Check Announcements daily for important information and college visit days.


Class of 2020 Juniors, this first month of school has quickly passed. You have figured out your schedules, gotten used to the work load, and reconnected with friends from last year. It is easy to find our comfort zone and forget to continue exploring new things and other interests.

I challenge you to branch out of your comfortable places and be aware of the differences around you.

Things to Do:

  • Find community service activities and volunteer.
  • Check out ACT/SAT Test Prep opportunities.
  • Check Announcements daily for important information and college rep visits.



Class of 2021 "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston Churchill

You have probably started feeling the pressure of work loads piling up, managing your schedule and adjusting to a new routine. Sophomore year brings a bit more freedom than your freshmen year, but also a bit more responsibility. If you take time to get ahead, you can start to feel more in control!

Everyday, remember to If you are starting to think "I Can't do this..." don't forget to add YET. "I can't do this YET"

Things to Do:

  • Review note taking skills and study skills.
  • Get organized.
  • Make sure you can log into NAVIANCE
  • Look for Community Service ideas and volunteer


Class of 2022 You have made it through the first month of freshmen year at Notre Dame ! HIGH FIVE YOURSELF!! Take some time to reflect on the things you have accomplished so far, whether it has been making new friends, learning how to manage more homework, or learning how to tie your tie.

We worked through setting some SMART Goals for the school year. Take some time to reflect on the goals you set and thing of some things you are doing now that are supporting your goal. What are some things you need to change? Here is a link to review SMART goals.

Things to do:

  • Check RenWeb and other sources for assignments and information from your teachers.
  • Get to know other people in your classes.
  • Email or plan to meet with your teachers.

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