John Kviar Research by sara trudan

John Kviar is a a French artist known for his 'invisible man' works. He was born in France in 1986, and got his start in art with graffiti. Kviar would draw murals on walls across France, which is where he met Frais, an artist collaborator. The two continued to design on the walls of abandoned buildings.

Kviar's work started to evolve from his traditional street art, beginning to take a human shape, but without a body. This allows viewers to project what ever emotions into the work, and creates a work that is free from prejudice of all kinds.

Kviar now works in Toulon, France. His primary mediums are canvas, paper, and walls.

LUEURS NOCTURNES: Lueurs Nocurnes depicts two body less figures gazing into a backpack while light emits out of it. The absence of a bodily form emphasizes the shape the forms are making. The colors are all colder or neutral, drawing the eye toward the backpack, the focal point of the piece.

AYACUCHO: Ayachucho depicts the form of a 'invisible man' sitting on the back of a white car near the outer wall of a building with a blue tone wall. The negative space of the walls is balanced with the man sitting on the car. This balance is emphasized with the focal point of the piece, the invisible man. The Author could have been trying to allow viewers to project their own emotions into the work.

ENTRÉE INTERDITE: Entree Interdite depicts a invisible figure with a blue jacket, jeans, and a white bag entering a torn up fence. He is next to a yellow construction car and what appears to be a warehouse. The yellow tone of the construction car draws the eye toward the center of the piece. The torn fence frames the focal point, the invisible man. The tones of the work all work together to create a harmonious balance.

SANS TITRE: Sans Titre depicts an invisible man running. The form of a man with a jacket and hat outlines the shape of a man, leaving negative space where the body would ordinary be. There is no color, which makes the focal point of the piece more emphasized. The texture of the jacket and other clothing is well drawn, making this peace even more interesting.

LA CAROTTE: La Carotte is a mural done on a wall that depicts various unique subjects. Kviar's signature invisible man is present, and one aspects of the mural with the most emphasis. There is a cool color scheme throughout the piece, which harmonizes with the grass and sky around the mural.

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