21 Day Hatha yoga Isha Yoga Centre, London

Perttu Korhonen

Professional pole vaulter and singer from Finland

"I’ve been training my whole life but I’ve never seen focus like this. At the age of 16 I started pole vaulting. I pole vaulted professionally for 12 years and there are always ups and downs. The most improvement you see is at the beginning and after you train for 12 years it’s hard to find something physical that helps you progress.

When you are training you run as fast as you can and jump as high as you can. You are sore and tired all the time and I can clearly see my brain does not work. Talking becomes slow, I can’t understand much and I forget things. With yoga, it is the exact opposite. You can do it for hours on end and after that you are refreshed and ready for something else.

My sleep quota has come down dramatically, by 20-25%. I am eating twice a day and half the size of a meal that I would usually eat. Physically the flexibility has gone up to levels that I didn’t know was possible for me, and it has happened rapidly. It feels like I’ve never done anything to take care of the body before after this. The contrast is so high.

Definitely I would recommend to every single individual in the athletic arena… It’s no longer about being the best or not, it’s just being the best you can be. ”

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Tina Gavriilidou

Hospitality supervisor, Hilton Hotel in London

"I discovered Isha accidentally at one point. I listened to Sadhguru and liked the way he put things simply and in a funny way. That attracted me. It took me one year to decide to come to Inner Engineering, which I am very upset about! Especially after Shambhavi, even my team was telling me that I am different. I had more energy, I can control stress, my voice was more calm.

I touched something that was very nice, so I wanted to discover more. I wanted to learn Hatha Yoga properly and have that in my life too.

These 21 Days, every time I am going into the class and doing the asanas I say to myself, “this the best gift ever.” Honestly I’m saying this to myself, I’m feeling like that.

Before this, I slept 8 or 9 hours daily. On a day off, even more. Afterwards I was regretting that the day went just like that. Imagine 21 days with 5 hours sleep, 12 hours working in stressful situations. If you told me before these 21 days that I would go through this schedule, I would say you are crazy! But I’ve managed without a scratch. I never felt I lacked sleep or felt tired. More energetic than ever.

I can say that many people don’t know what yoga means. The majority think that it is like gym. Others think that it is a new kind of religion. I have heard this one - “oh you changed religion?” No, something totally different!

I think a time will come, people will seek by themselves. See what exactly you are missing from your side, don’t look at others. I’m always saying to myself, I want to do the best for myself. So what can I do to achieve this? Shall I go to the gym? Just appearance. Shall I have more knowledge? Again it’s not me. I want something more deeper. What can be deeper? I’ll look inside."

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Joyeeta Das

CEO & Founder of Artificial Intelligence company GYANA

"I’m an obsessed, compulsive worker. I even work in the toilet. You cannot stop me - as long as I have my phone I’m working! It has never happened in the last 5 years that I’ve left work before midnight for 21 days in a row. So I thought in 7 days I’ll find some emergency and I’ll tell myself - “at least I did 7 days out of 21”. But it happened! Every single day.

It has shown that it’s possible to find time, no matter how busy I am. When I take one step, Isha takes 10 steps in my life. I make a little space, but it makes more space.

The biggest quality for a leader is to observe. If you’re not comfortable within your body, with long working hours, stress and strenuous decision making, you will never be able to observe. What Yogasanas has done for me is that I can be in a place and just observe. It has improved decision making so much that I can do what a leader is supposed to do.

I found from the first day there was a huge difference in my body. Angamardana, it’s very good for people who have too much energy. I am an extreme high energy, hyper person. Doing Angamardana in the last 3 weeks has definitely controlled it to the point where I can consciously choose how much hyper I want to be.

If people in the business world are reading or wanting to be a part of Isha, they should know that it doesn’t matter what age or fitness level, they can still do this. It’ll bring them clarity, bring focus. All jobs are eventually about how much we’re able to perform physically. How long you can sit, how comfortably you can sit determines how attentive you are.

I would say that yoga is definitely what the name suggests, union of mind, body and soul. But if those things don’t entice leaders, if they’re just looking for things that they care about, the ability to perform highly mentally and physically in order to attract success, even then this is probably the most effective way and lifestyle that can make that happen."

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