Why Tattoos Are Good by Adrianna

Tattoos have meaning behind them and can commemorate someone who has passed away, or add to your appearance. Tattoos should not be frowned upon, and should be accepted as a part of the person who is wearing them. Whether they are visible or not, they should not hinder a person from getting a job, and not be viewed differently.

My first tattoo and my sister came with me

Tattoos are a good way of expressing yourself, they can enhance your personality and become a part of you.

Second tattoo that I got the day after Easter 2015

Tattoos are a work of art, artists can draw a piece personally for you and it is incorporated into your life.

Tattoos are fun and should be treated as such. Wherever it is placed on the body is important and will be there forever, the placement can also be a meaningful place as well.

Tattoos can have a lot of colors involved or no color at all based on personal preferences, and can be very simple or huge pieces of a project.

People get tattoos that they can show off as well, and can allow everyone to read or see. Something that may be personal, or a statement of religion, or even a great picture.

A lot of corporate careers will not hire people who have visible tattoos. They turn them away at the sight of them. A tattoo that is a part of someone should not be turned away simply because they have it. It will not effect the work effort put in, it is based on the person's personality, not their tattoo.

Tattoo artists work hard to earn a living and they get to do what they love by adding ink to people's bodies and using their expressive form of art.

The sun and the moon together.

I love being able to add to my personality and who I am as a person, and I believe having tattoos allows a person to get to know me a little bit without having to ask me. I plan to add more in the future.

I love them all, and do not regret any of them and never will.

If you get something meaningful, and choose something that you know you will love forever that is the best feeling, and the tattoos will become parts of great memories to have.

Thinking about getting something like this, for a half sleeve.

Getting the tattoos can also be fun for some people, not viewed as painful, even though they are. As for me, I love the pain and the needle, to me it is like a stress reliever or a way for me to relax, even though it hurts. I like the feeling of getting them as well.


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