Once Upon A Time Who's WHo?

Henry Mills: Played by Jared Gilmore. Weapon of choice: His family and swords. Immediate family: Emma Swan (Mother), Neal Cassidy/Baelfire (Father, Deceased), Mary-Margret/Snow White (Grandmother), David Nolan/Prince Charming (Grandfather), Neal Nolan (Uncle), Mr Gold/Rumpelstiltskin (Grandfather), Milah (Grandmother, Deceased).

Backstory: Straight after birth, Henry was put up for adoption, because his mother was in prison. Later on, Mayor Regina Mills took him in and raised him until he was 11 years old. Then he went to find his mum, Emma Swan. He brought her back to Storybrooke, and she would eventually break the curse put on the town. Therefore, everyone remembered who they were. Now, Henry is 16 years old, he has a girlfriend named Violet who he met in Camelot. He interacted with his father for a few months until he died. Facts about Henry: Henry shares the same name as Regina's father. He is his mothers son and step uncle. He is one of the few characters that has met nearly all of the characters.

Emma Swan: Played by Jennifer Morrison. Weapon of choice: Magic and swords. Immediate Family: Henry Mills (Son), Mary-Margret/Snow White (Mother), David Nolan (Father), Queen Eva (Grandmother, Deceased), Kind Leopold (Grandfather, Deceased), Ruth (Grandmother, Deceased), King George (Grandfather, Presumed dead.), Neal Nolan (Brother), James Nolan (Uncle, Deceased.)

Backstory: As soon as she was born, not only was Emma taken away from her family, but her entire realm with a boy named Pinocchio. They were separated not long after when he left with his new friends. When she was only 18 years old, she met up with a man named Neal Cassidy and lived life on the run. She shortly became pregnant with Henry and was caught by the police. Once she broke the curse over Storybrooke, she was reunited with her family and have gone on many dangerous quest's with them. Facts about Emma: Hook is her true love. Alongside Hook, she was the dark one for a short period of time.

Mary - Margret/Snow White. Played by: Ginnifer Goodwin. Weapon of choice: Bow and Arrow and sword. Immediate family: Queen Eva (Mother), King Leopold (Father), David Nolan (Husband), Emma Swan (Daughter), Henry Mills (Grandson), Neal Nolan (Son), Ruth (Mother - In - Law, Deceased), King George (Father - In - Law, Presumed Dead), James Nolan (Brother - In - Law, Deceased).

Backstory: At a young age, Snows mother, Queen Eva, was killed by Cora, in order for her daughter to marry the king and become queen. When her father died, Regina tried to make Snows life a living hell as Snow 'ruined' Regina's life. After being named the 'Evil Queen', Regina sent the huntsman to remove Snow's heart. However, he could not bring himself to do it therefore he set her free. As a result of that, she is still alive and Graham is very dead. After the curse was broken, Snow attempted to make amends with Regina which turned out to be the way not long later.

David Nolan/Prince Charming. Played by: Josh Dallas. Weapon of choice: Sword. Immediate family: Ruth (Mother, Deceased), King George (Father, Presumed dead), James Nolan (Brother, Deceased), Mary-Margret/Snow White (Wife), Emma Swan (Daughter), Henry Mills (Grandson), Neal Nolan (Son), Queen Eva (Mother - In - Law, Deceased), King Leopold (Father - In - Law, Deceased).

Backstory: He grew up with his mother, Ruth, as a farmer. He later found out that he had a twin brother, named James, who was adopted by the King but had been killed. Therefore, King George wanted David to represent the kingdom. The other Kings who were there thought David was James because they look identical. He met Snow whilst on a date with Kathryn, getting ready to propose. David and Snows relationship was difficult as Snow was a stowaway being chased by the Evil Queen. In Storybrooke, when the curse had been broken, Emma struggled to get to grips that her parents were still alive and looked no older than her!

Regina Mills/Evil Queen. Played by: Lana Parilla. Choice of weapon: Magic and swords. Immediate Family: Cora/Queen of Hearts (Mother, Deceased), Henry Mills (Father, Deceased), Zelena/Wicked Witch of the West (Sister), Robin (Niece), Emma Swan (Henry's real mother and daughter in - law), Henry Mills Jr.(Adopted son and Great son - in -law).

Backstory: Regina was dating the 'love of her life', Daniel, without anyone knowing. Then Cora used her magic to let the King's daughter's horse go rouge so Regina would have to save her. This impressed the King, which made him ask for her hand in marriage. Regina did not like this at all, so she planned for herself and Daniel to run away. Unfortunately, Cora found out about it via Snow; killed Daniel and made Regina marry the King. Ever since then, Regina has had it in for Snow. She infact caused the entire curse just to get her happy ending. When the curse was broken, she was hated by everyone but after time, became the very thing she swore she would ever become: a hero! She is now best friends with Snow and her family and is known as the good guy.

Mr Gold/Rumpelstiltskin. Played by: Robert Carlyle. Weapon of choice: Is only able to fight with the Dark One Power. Mainly magic but anything else. Immediate family: Black Fairy (Mother), Malcolm/Peter Pan (Father, Deceased), Milah (Ex-Wife, Deceased), Belle French (Wife), Baelfire/Neal Cassidy (Son, Deceased), Henry Mills (Grandson), Gideon Gold (Son).


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