To the Ends of the Earth: USA Christianity Explored Ministries

Christianity Explored is being used to reach an increasing number of people in the USA with the good news of Jesus.

In 2018, more than 1,000 churches and 12,000 people participated in one of our evangelistic series (Christianity Explored or Life Explored). And with the launch of the new edition of Discipleship Explored last year, we're seeing many people pick it up, not only as a follow-up to one of our evangelistic series, but also to help church members grow in their love for the gospel.

All kinds of churches across the US are using our materials: Baptist, Presbyterian, Non-denominational, Anglicans, and many others, in a variety of settings.

Through both regional and national training events, ordinary Christians (that is, those who are not in vocational ministry) are gaining confidence in sharing the gospel.

We are excited to be able to share with you some of these stories below.

Los Angeles - Kenny

New Jersey - Kathy

For three years I had been praying for Geri my dear neighbour and friend. Even though we were different as day and night politically and spiritually, we loved each other, we were friends and the Lord put our houses right next to each other.

Geri came to church with us one Easter and somebody gave a testimony about Christianity Explored and how the Lord used it to change his life.

The next day Monday morning I got a text from Geri telling me that she signed up for it. Geri LOVED the classes, enjoyed the fellowship and always said how kind the people were.

One week after Christianity Explored ended Geri became sick with bronchitis which led to pneumonia and while in the hospital they found out her lymphoma came back with a vengeance.

On one of my visits, she said: "I need to tell you something... I gave my heart and life to Christ.”

And she continued very weakly: “Do you remember in Mark where the woman touched the hem of Jesus’ robe? I’m reaching out for Jesus’ robe, I’m praying.”

Within two weeks she went from filling up her hummingbird feeders to being in ICU. But in those two weeks God's power was seen over and over again.

Geri went home to be with her King shortly after.

I’m so thankful for Christianity Explored and the people who ran it at my church. They were the hands and feet of Jesus for my dear friend Geri, loving her and ministering to her, and it made an eternal difference in her life!

Indianapolis - Bruce and Nancy

Ohio - Christy

For more than a decade, I ministered to university students in England with Cru. Two and a half years ago my church asked me to move back home to the US to start a refugee ministry with them in Akron, Ohio.

Like many people at that time, I knew little about refugees, but the crisis on the shores of Europe and Syria was provoking many conversations and a desire to help people in need.

What I discovered was that refugee resettlement was not a new thing for the United States. The country has been resettling refugees since World War II and there is a well-established programme for resettlement. Many refugees have been brought from the worst conflict zones on earth to US cities where they are given a new opportunity to continue their lives.

Akron has been a resettlement city for many years and it is now the place where my work is done, mobilising churches and people to 'welcome the stranger'.

God is at work bringing opportunities to share Jesus with people who come to the US from places on earth that are most closed to hearing the gospel.

I have sat with friends from closed countries and had the opportunity to talk with them about Jesus. I have helped them translate Bible stories and often, they have said, “It is the Christians who help us.” They have often asked if they could go to church with me.

I recently hosted an international Christmas party. My friend Jas, at 22, got up and shared the Christmas story and the gospel with a room that was full of refugees and American volunteers.

Jas and I are praying to start a Christianity Explored course so that we can help people learn about the identity, mission and call of Jesus. God is on the move!

Colorado - Duane, Daniel and Brett

What's next?

To be able to better provide training and support across all 50 states, we are developing a system of regional hubs.

Hubs provide local leadership teams who will promote Christianity Explored, train others to develop ministries of evangelism, and coach evangelism leaders in local churches.

We started our first hub in Colorado, and then spread to the Pacific Northwest. Other locations to be developed this year include the Washington, DC area, Nashville, and the Charlotte – Atlanta corridor in the southeast US.

We are excited to see how God will keep using and growing Christianity Explored across our country.

You can follow all the news from the US on the Telling the Gospel blog

Meet the US team

Alan Avera, Executive Director

Alan was the first Senior Executive for CE USA. Alan's primary task is establishing a base for ministry to support and equip North American churches for evangelism. Alan and his wife live in South Carolina.

Kevin Allen, Western Regional Director

Kevin focuses on developing the ministry in the western regions of both the US and Canada. He completed his Master of Divinity degree in 2000, and was ordained at Village Seven Prebysterian Church in Colorado Springs, where he served as one of the pastors since 1997. Kevin and his wife live in California.

Katie Parsons, Communications and Database Administrator

Katie has spent her career working in non-profit administration. Now she manages the North American database at Christianity Explored and helps with communications. Katie and her family are originally from the state of Georgia but now call South Carolina home.

To the Ends of the Earth

With this unique opportunity, every pound donated as a new or increased regular gift will be matched by some generous friends and given to our international work.

Help us to help people love, live and tell the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth

Every £1 you donate enables one person to hear the gospel through our ministry.

  • £10 per month - the total matched amount of £150 (including Gift Aid) helps train 15 pastors to share the gospel in East Africa.
  • £20 per month - the total matched amount of £300 (including Gift Aid) provides eight East Asian churches with local language resources.
  • £50 per month - the total matched amount of £750 (including Gift Aid) could sponsor 15 rural Albanian churches to run Christianity Explored.
  • £100 per month - the total matched amount of £1,500 (including Gift Aid) helps us provide start-up funds for new translations.


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