Technology Class Ms. Mendelson Computer Science TEACHER

This is an exciting time for Computer Science education at Lorca! We are building skills and creating robots, code, 3D models, animations, narratives, and more! We also work on digital citizenship and think about how technology affects people's lives.

This is my 7th year teaching Technology and Computer Science at Lorca. I love working with so many ages and so many awesome students! From PreK through 8th grade, Lorca students are enjoying Technology as they develop skills that will be needed for careers and life in the future.

This 3rd grader is building her touch typing skills. TypeTastic is one of our favorite websites for keyboarding!
Choice time - creating an animation, writing a script and engineering a roller coaster.
Students built our 3D printer! And here is one of the many items students created with 3D modeling and printing.
We built "Gyro It", our gyrobot, with a LOT of perseverance!


Created with images by _nastassia - "robot assembly process" • bobo1980 - "Robots are welding test run program" • Leo Blanchette - "Designer Robot with Mechanical Pencil Plotting Plans"