The House on Meredith Creek By eli cox

My Name

My name is Elias. But you don’t know me that way. My nickname is Eli. Plain and simple. Eli is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew it means ascended, highest, or ‘my God’. This makes perfect sense because I live in a Christian home. My parents named me Elias because it was a mature and nice sounding name. I would prefer Eli though, because like I said, It is nice and simple and is also easier to say. They also named me after a character from the Bible, and my brother Ezra was also named after a Bible character. However, my other brother, Eason has a name that seems almost TOTALLY made up.

Some people will think that my name is short for Elijah. So close.. Yet so far. Some substitutes will totally screw up my name and pronounce it Eleeus, Eleeas, Ellis, or not even try to pronounce it. But every once in awhile there is a sub who will pronounce it right, and I will spring out of my seat with happiness as if I were a rocket lifting off from a launch pad. and say something like “Wow, you got my name right!” or “Wow, you didn’t totally butcher my name!” and immediately have high admirations for that sub.

How I Fit In

Gee, where do I start with this one? I fit into my family as the one who is the most musical. My parents appreciate that very much, because I play bass at church while Mom sings and Dad plays electric guitar. Braedon and JP are people at church, too. They are pretty much who inspired me to play bass at church every Wednesday.

My friends at school know me as the hardcore Nintendo gamer, and they’re right in thinking that. I love Nintendo games, especially Mario and Pokemon.

At lunch, at least on Mondays and Fridays, I am the only one out of all my friends who will interact with anyone outside our table. On Tuesdays, I go to Mr. Urby’s amiibo club to duke it out in Super Smash Bros. with every other hardcore Nintendo fan in 8th grade.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I have 7th grade lunch with my fellow choir students. They know me as the major music nerd who couldn’t possibly mess up. I am also known as the teacher’s pet because I am always trying to look good in front of my teachers. You know, for some reason people think I’m smart just because I wear glasses. Every time someone says “OOH he’s wearing glasses he’s so SMART!” So I tell them “Are you fricking kidding me? I wear glasses because I can’t SEE doofus!” Some people just seem stupid.

I think that’s the problem with society today. They don’t see their potential enough to act smart for just ONE day! If people could just see that they are just like any other human and can be the next EINSTEIN!

I am amazing at drawing- and I don’t mean all these circles and lines before you actually get to the drawing part. I mean FREE HAND drawing. In my free time I draw comics and people always ask me why I’m not in art. Why am I not in art? Well, I am terrible at painting, and like I said earlier, I don’t want to draw a bunch of circles and lines before I get to the actual drawing part. Also, I would like to spend my time in choir and orchestra much more than spending time in the art room.


My vignettes shaped my identity by explaining my hobbies and how I feel on the inside

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