What Do You Like? By Jamie wright

Have you ever wondered why your friend doesn’t like something you love? Food, fear, sports, and laughter are the biggest things people wonder about. What about you, do you think about the same four things the most? If so, you may want to keep reading because the answers await you...

You like the taste of something that your friend thinks is one of the worst tastes that they have ever tasted? First things first, *taste buds*, the small bumps on the tongue, are the most important part in the tasting process. The buds do not taste the exact taste, they only taste 4 categories: sweet, sour, bitter, and savoury. This means that if you ate a piece of chocolate, your taste buds alone don’t taste the chocolate, they only know if it’s sweet or bitter. The thing that does taste the actual chocolate is your nose. Since lots of tongue diagrams are false, this article is here to inform you that your taste buds are all over your tongue, mouth, and throat. Going even further, if you didn’t like a food, let’s say carrots, but you are exposed or made to eat them, you might be surprised that you start to love them.

Is your friend completely fine about something that you are absolutely terrified by? After a movie that you watch that you are terrified from, your friend seems fine. They aren’t scared because they know that they are in a safe environment, your surroundings . When you are scared, a chain reaction, thing after thing that occurs in your brain, happens in your brain that causes: rapid beating of the heart, sweat, and sometimes tense muscles. Broadly.vice.com says that“If someone is naturally more sensitive, and they watch a lot of horror films, they are going to overthink during stressful situations and conjure up even scarier images.” This means that the people who are more sensitive to scary things will watch a horror movie and end up creating images in their head that are more scary than the actual movie and end up seeing the scarier images instead of what it really is.The choice of fight or flight also comes to mind. Sometimes fear can trigger memories. The Atlantic calls them “Lightbulb memories”, which means that they are triggered easily be fear.

Are you wondering about why some people love sports and some dislike sports? here are some reasons why. Some people don’t like sports because if they have tried them before they may have been teased, or made fun of, by the other people around them. For example, if someone joined a soccer lesson because they wanted to learn how to play soccer, but they don’t do too well, the rest of the people at the lesson might laugh at them. Then if they are made to play soccer again, they might be reluctant because they think they will mess up. It’s that or they may have never tried the sport and they think that they might mess up. Those who love sports are most likely good at them, and/or enjoy them.

In the opinion of Richard Feynman, the reason for laughing at jokes is “ the kick of discovery.” This means that the reason we laugh at some jokes and not others is because we sometimes need the help of discovery.. So if you are laughing and your friend is just standing there, staring at you, then it is most likely because you have discovered something that you might not have been expecting. Laughter actually burns calories too, calories are sources of energy, but is you have too many, they can be unhealthy, Which is why it is good for you. Also, if you’ve never seen anything or heard anything about this, then lots of professors recommend laughing 3-4 times a day, or more.

Does your friend make more sense now? Are you willing to go see a scary film now that you might know that you are in a safe place, or environment? Or you could laugh along your friend instead of just staring at them because you know that they might have discovered something new. You could even be willing to try a new sport. It’s up to you.


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