Drama Process Journal Kiara Kok 8C

Journal Entry #1

In the first drama classes this week, I am excited about the little activities and events we are going to do later on in drama class. Just like in all Art classes, I am concern about process journals. Not exactly the afraid kind of concern, but like the worry kind of concern. I always forget to write the process journals. For now, I can't really think of anything that I am unclear yet. I might think of some unclear things later, but for now everything is clear and I do understand it. I am going to discuss about the Captain's coming activity, I chose this activity because personally I think it is a fun activity and it involves a lot of movements and actions. It wasn't too challenging for me, and I don't think I learn new things...well a new game. It was memorable cause looking at my friends and myself trying to finish the moves was funny.

Some activities we did that practices using our shape, dimension and stuff (all of these were not done on the first week, but I can't find pictures and these are good pictures so I uses it)

Journal Entry #2

Creating a bicycle

I think I have been developing communication skills and organization skills in drama class so far. In activities that require 3 or more individuals, it is important to use communication skills and organization skills. In the activity that we do the pause scenes and some transition, I started developing the communication and organization skills. So I communicated to my teammate about my topic and organized how each of us should move or move to where. In the next drama class, we did an activity that 3-4 of us were asked to create objects with our bodies. I think at this part, I developed my communication and organization skills much more compared to the last activity. I am able to communication with my teammate quickly and clearly to decided what we are going to do, since I can effectively organize my thoughts and ideas to share with my teammates.

Journal Entry #3

Adding music definitely helps the performances, music affects the emotions and the atmosphere and the feeling of the audiences even myself. When the music moves the emotions of the audiences, it is like a extra help to move the audiences' motions with our acting, the audiences' can easily be moved into the scenario that we wanted them to be in. For example, in our Nightmare Scenes, in my skit, when we don't add music I would laugh so hard and the audiences will think the scene is comedy which it isn't. So with music moving the emotions and the feelings of the audiences, they understand the genre that it is scary, and it suppose to scare them. With the music it helps a lot, even when I laugh the audience kind of ignored it because of the music's affect. Also, the music can show the audience when is a rise and a fall, like when is the climax and when is the end. For example, in our skit, at the end Nicol was killing me at the part where the music is the loudest and most horrifying. The audience immediately understand that I am getting killed and that it is the climax part.

In Jiawen's group's Nightmare Scene they use the pause and play of music to move the feeling of the audiences. When the music plays the ghosts appear and move towards Kai. But when Kai turns around, the music stops and the ghosts disappear and freeze. I think without the music, the scene won't be as interesting and I probably wouldn't understand what is happening at first. How this part goes really impressed me, because I understand what is happening, I know what should I feel (like what are they trying to make me feel).

This is not what Jiawen's team did for the nightmare scene (it's another one ) , but there's Jiawen in it, so just think that it is

Journal Entry #4

For now our planning took us a longer time compared to the other teams which means we have lesser rehearsal time. But, we have enough rehearsal time to perfect and to go over our whole performance, so it is pretty good. So difficulties we have faced are like my computer (where the music is on) always shut down and took away some of our practice time. Also because we have a lot of action scenes that require a lot of time to practice and to create and memorize, we want the action scenes to look real and interesting to our audience. I will have to practice with my teammates on Monday lunch time to make sure that our group is ready to perform. And I will try and memorize and go over the performance by myself.

Practice picture of John trying to stab/kill Jennifer (don't worry it's just part of the perfromance )

Artistic Intention

In this performance, my goal is to challenge perspectives and create something new, when I perform in front of my fellow grade 8 students. I want to accomplish this goal because this is what we are tying to express through this performance, is this world really just a world, or is it much more complicated than we think it is. How tiny are us in this universe? Is "natural" really the nature, or are we controlled by someone else? I want to challenge the perspective of like knowing who we are. Are we always what we think we are? Are things we discovered really what we think they are? I have been thinking about these question lately, and I want to try and picturize and imagine it in this performance. What if, we are controlled by someone, who is stronger that we don't know and unlikely to know. What if, our world is like a less violence Hunger Games that we live in, with people outside controlling the natural disasters and stuff.

Journal Entry #5

I think the performance wasn't as good as I expected, we had a few practices that were better than our actual performance. Since we have to adjust the lighting in 15 minutes and practice the performance, we kind of rushed a lot of things, which cause our actual performance to be quicker then what we plan and was use to be. After the performance, I asked a few of my classmates (the audiences) if they understand the story and the idea we are trying to express, and they understand most things, so I think we express ok. If I could do it again, I would try to practice more and have more time adjusting the lighting and the decrease the blocking in the performance. If I have time I may also add backgrounds.

Pictures of the practicing and the script of our performance

I think I achieved my artistic intention because, I did challenge the perspective and attempt to create something new (since I don't know if this idea I was thinking about is new or not, maybe someone else did a similar thing before). In our performance, we try to show our idea of what we think the world might be like, and the new perspective we want to show.


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