Magento Certification Integration FAQ

June 2020

Q: What exactly is the change that Magento is making in its certification program?

A: Effective August 17, 2020, Magento exams will be delivered through PSI and Examity.

Q: Why is Magento making changes to its certification test delivery?

A: Since Magento was acquired by Adobe, we have been working to streamline our operations and present a “One Adobe” approach to our programs. By moving to the Adobe platforms, we will improve our customer experience and bring more valuable resources to the Magento certification program.

Q: Will the Magento certifications currently offered be available through Adobe after the integration?

A: All Magento certifications will continue to be available through the Adobe Certification program.

Q: Are the Magento exams on the PSI and Examity system different?

A: No, the exams are the same—they look the same and are scored the same way as they were previously.

Q: Will the exam fees change?

A: The Magento exam fees will remain the same throughout 2020.

Q: Where can I go to register for a Magento exam?

A: On August 17th you can begin registering via the Adobe Credential Management System. Refer to “How to Log In to Adobe Credential Manager” for instructions.

Q: Will I be able to apply my Magento discount code towards the payment for my exams on the Adobe testing platform?

A: You can use your discount code towards the purchase of any Magento exam. It will not be valid towards the purchase of a Marketo or Adobe exam.

Q: Can the exam vouchers that I purchased on the Magento website be used on the new Adobe testing platforms?

A: Yes. Magento exam vouchers will be able to be used on the Adobe testing platform beginning August 17, 2020.

Q: What are the different payment options for Magento exams on the Adobe testing platform?

A: We will accept all major credit cards and exam vouchers codes provided by Adobe.

Q: What if I already have a Magento exam scheduled with Kryterion?

A: If you have an exam scheduled to take place before August 9, 2020, then no action is required. If you purchased a Magento exam voucher, it will be still be valid on the new Adobe testing platforms.

Q: I took my exam through Kryterion and it is not located in my Credential Manager record. Now what?

A: Your exam history will not be available in the Adobe Credential Manager until August 17, 2020. If post August 17th, there’s a chance that your exam history is not listed in your Adobe Credential Manager profile because you have multiple accounts. Visit the troubleshooting section of Where are My Exam History and Records? for more information.

Q: Where can I find recommended Magento certification preparation information after August 17?

A: Please refer to the recommendations and resources provided on the corresponding certification exam description page at https://learning.adobe.com/certification.html.

Q: What happens to my exam I scheduled earlier in the year, for a date after August 9, 2020 in Webassessor?

A: You will need to cancel your exam in Webassessor and reschedule it in the Adobe Credential Manager. The first available date to reschedule your exam on the new platform will be August 17, 2020. There will be no availability to schedule exams between August 10-16, 2020.

Q: Will my Magento certification coupons and certification vouchers be valid after August 17, 2020?

A: All certification discount coupons and vouchers issued prior to August 9th will be valid on PSI and Examity testing platforms.

Q: Will Adobe continue to support the Magento Certification Directory?

A: No. On August 17, 2020 Adobe will sunset the Magento Certification Directory. However, certified individuals will have access to digital badges that they can share with others to advertise their qualifications. Thank you for your continued program support as we continue improving the Adobe certification program for our customers and partners.


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