The Lion, The Witch , and The Wardrobe BOOK REVIEW


I think The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was a great book!

I would recomend this book to 3rd-6th graders and other teachers.

This book is about 4 children named Susan, Peter, Edmund, and Lucy.They had to live with a Professor during the bombings of WWII.They found a wardrobe when they went in they were found themselves in a fantasy world.Where they met the Queen of Narnia a.k.a White Witch.She wants to rule Narnia forever.They had to go to war against her.Of course they won.They became kings & queens of Narnia forever.One day when they were riding in the woods they found the wardrobe again they went in and came stumbling out of wardrobe.That is about it.

My favorite part was when they became kings & queens.It is a really good scene.

BY:Joanna Tyrrell


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