The Importance of financial literacy classes for graduating high school seniors Mary Kathryn Malin

Often, young people find themselves struggling with financial issues such as credit card debt. This specific problem can be attributed to an individuals inability to manage money. His or her financial illiteracy plays a key role in producing major problems such as this.

One of the main problems that young people run into, is needing money for some reason, but not having it in their savings because they were never taught the value of a savings plan. With a required education of finances, individuals will be equipped to know which amount money they save, and which amount of money they spend.

A common aspiration of many people is to build a family. Although of the aspects associated with that aspiration is the necessity to financially support the family. Budgets are key components in supporting a family, and creating that budget is a skill that should be taught and included in a high school seniors curriculum.
Monopoly is a relatively accurate depiction of the world works financially. Similar to the game, having money management skills is extremely necessary in life, to be able to function in, and contribute to society.


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