Ten Technology Troubles By Elise Elliot

Trouble 1: Pop Up Ads being Pests

Pop Up Ads can be pests. But Troubleshooting them is very easy.

Trouble 2: My Computer Won't Turn On

  • One thing you can do is check to see if the computer cable is plugged into a power strip
  • Another thing you can do is check for a pilot light on the computer
  • Lastly check for a yellow flashing light, and a solid green light
  • You can also try charging the computer if it has a battery (it may just be dead).

Trouble 3: My Computer is loading very slowly

Take a look at this website to see if you can use one of these tips for your own slow running/loading computer

Trouble 4: I keep getting warning boxes that Malware has been detected

These Boxes are fake. They are trying to get you to download the actual Malware into you computer! Do not hit the OK button or the X out button. Either of these will just download the software anyway. Hit the keys alt+F4 on your keyboard, this will exit out of the boxes without you downloading the Malware software.

Trouble 5: My computer is vulnerable to Hacking attacks

  • To prevent hacker attacks use different passwords on different websites
  • Don't provide any personal information
  • Make sure your website starts with https:// to ensure that your website is secure and true (the s stands for secure)

Trouble 6: Malware can happen to me

  • Keep your software on your computer up to date to prevent malware
  • Download Security Software onto your computer

Trouble 7: I fear my online shopping is wrong

  • Ask the website why they need your credit card
  • Ask them how they are going to protect it
  • Make sure the website is official and real
  • Look for physical phone numbers so that you have someone to contact in case anything happens
  • Check your online deals

Trouble 8: What about Hacking?

Hacking is sponsored by a hacker. A hacker doesn't have good intentions. Hackers use computers to get your personal information and mess with your computer. They can also cause identity theft and spend money on your own credit card. If you suspect you are being hacked download security software or tell a professional.

Trouble 9: My Passwords Aren't Safe

To make your passwords safe and harder for hackers to attack use different passwords on different websites. Also use at least 10 characters with a mix of numbers and letters. Don't use your real name or private information.

Trouble 10: A Website Page "Cannot Be Found"

  • Are all of the internet cables connected correctly?
  • Are all of the cables plugged all the way in?
  • Can I try reloading the page and my computer?
  • Can I go to my trusted anti-virus instillation website and see if I have any malware on it?


Created with images by brandmaier - "usb guys up to mischief"

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