Looking in the Reflection CU 1010

Looking back at the whole experience, I can’t help but think about all the things I’ve learned and the experiences that I’ve had. Each of the exhibits had something to offer in helping me to succeed and better myself. I have a great sense of accomplishment for this project, it is one of the longest running projects that I have had to complete and has demanded my attention frequently. However, as it comes to a close, I feel very proud of myself for concluding this portfolio to the best of my ability. Each of the exhibits are completed as well as I could, and I’m very pleased with their turn out. Exhibit one and two are the ones that I am the proudest of. Exhibit one because of its visual appearance and the message that I am able to leave behind. Exhibit two because of the sheer amount of work and effort that I put into and the reward I got for seeing it finished to its completion.

For when I was making each of the exhibits, I generally read through the procedures and objectives that were given to us and followed them the best I could. With each one I tried to make them visually appealing and to give each of them a bit of character in their names beyond that of just “exhibit 1.” There were a few procedures that confused me, however the check-ins were helpful in that respect. My instructor was also very helpful in making sure I was on the right track and that I understood everything that was being asked of me. She was very accommodating with time constraints and very willing to help me if I needed.

In this process I learned how much time is spent on useless and unimportant things and how much I need to alter my schedule to manage my time better. It also showed me how much I need to better my self-control concerning how much time I spend in ‘play’ verses how much time I spend doing work. Having to record myself and how much I worked helped in keeping me on track better. I liked that about the process of the portfolio as well as the compiling of all the data into a design. However, the reflections were always hard for me, because many of the processes took a series of days to complete or I compiled the data at a later date and therefore it was difficult to summarize all my thoughts from the process.

For future students who strive to succeed and better themselves, I would recommend definitely going through some of these processes and self-studies as well. They were all very eye opening and informative about who you are as a student and as a person. They helped me to improve myself and I’m sure that it can help other students too. Having a good work ethic and willingness to work will help you excel in many things, not only in your academic life, but in your future work life and even your everyday ‘play.’

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