Longshore golf course opens with COVID-19 restrictions by Grady Narang

Longshore Golf Course is scheduled to open on May 15th 2020, with a detailed list of rules put in place in response to the current pandemic. Some of the new rules the course has implemented to support social distancing include the removal of flag sticks, ball washers, golf carts, and in person paying to eliminate contact with others. With these rules in place, Longshore offers a nice way to get outside and have fun during these difficult times.

“I go to Longshore a few times a week to walk and ride my bike, so opening the course for golf doesn’t really matter to me. Because the beach is closed, it's the next best place to go to get out the house, '' Annie Bowens ’20 said.

While Longshore has been used as a park thus far during quarantine, players can look forward to getting out and swinging for the first time in a while.

“I’m really excited for Longshore to open back up. Golf is what I’ve missed most during the quarantine and I can’t wait to start playing again” Jake DesMarteau ’20 said, a senior on the Staples golf team.

Photos taken by Grady Narang '20

Golf itself does not pose any serious health risks in regards to transmitting and transferring germs from one person to another since it is an individual sport that allows you to comfortably remain more than six feet apart from one another at all times. Longshore has taken initiative to open the course to the public with strict restrictions and guidelines in place to further ensure social distancing.

Photos taken by Grady Narang '20

All players must reserve their tee time online to reduce contact and exposure between people. A reservation is required to play and credit cards are the only accepted form of currency to minimize contact. It is required that you wear a face mask while paying for your tee time and entering the proshop if needed. Pull carts and golf carts will not be available and all players must walk or bring their personal pull cart.

Photos taken by Grady Narang '20

“It's good news that Longshore is opening on the 15th, I’m excited to get out there with my golfers,” Pete Caligiure, coach of the boy's golf team, said. “Having our season taken away from us stinks, especially for the seniors, but we'll still be able to get some rounds in together”.

While on the course, players are not required to wear a face mask. Score cards, pencils, bunker rakes, water fountains, ball washers and trash cans have all been removed from the course to promote safety.

“Hopefully with Longshore opening more places around Westport will begin to open like the beach or dog parks, I just want someplace to go.” Jane Lukens ’20 said.

While the nation continues to battle COVID-19, this spark of good news hopefully is a catalyst for more to come as the end of this pandemic approaches.