My progression Vinyet arnau

Who am I?

For explaining who you are, the first step is knowing it for yourself and it's one of the most difficult things....

The rods which are thick and short means that are more related to you, so the ones which are thin and long means that they aren't as closed as the others.

This is the mindmap which I have done in class. In it, we can see that my family and friends are the most important thing for me in the world and the ones who complet me.

Work with them can help us to feel better, I arrived at this conclusion thanks to one activity which we have done during a week, we focused our attention in one "fortalesa". For this activity I have choosen courage and I realized, at the end of the week, that sometimes we thing that one action is so difficult but when we do it we realize that it is easy.

This is an activity that we have done at class.

We had to wrote a bad situation which I had to overcome.

In this text we can see some strengths reflected like perceverance, love, courage, goodness,...

This results are about my emotional intel┬Ěligence. They show that I should take more atention in my feelings and the others, I know how to express my feelings well , I know if they are good or bad, I am able to know the cause and a possible future consequence, and finally I'm good regulating them.

According to this results, I'm happy and pround of my live and experiences although we have studied that hapiness only depends o 50% of us, the other 50% is about genetics it doesn't means that we don't have to work in it, we also have to work with them to improve it.


According to the lessons, being positive towards oneself is the first step of wellbeing

But it is only a number, optimism is believe in yourself, believe that you will achieve your purposes, so is necessary to look to the future...

But there is not enought of being positive about what you whant to become, you have to work to achieve it...

The next activity that you will see is about a pessimistic situation, this exercice was based in writing about an act which we thought that it was bad, something that makes us confirm our pessimistic feelings and then we tried to wrote something positive about it.

Related with optimism, we can talk about "life satisfactions" which could be a wish, a person, some good memories,...

Savoring: it's some enjoyable moments during a day. For example, if you like doing sport, or the time when lessons finish,...

This are some of the moments which I most enjoy in a day. For example, the image of the clock means that the lessons have finished, or the image of my diary where we can see that the week is finishing.

It also creates us positive emotions which help us to reduce illness, mental health,... It helps us to feel better, it is the key for starting a healthy live.

Gratitude jornal

The proposal of this activity was to write three actions which I felt gratituded in a day during a week.

At the begining I founded so difficult, but during de second and third day I realised that to feel gratefull is no necessary that someone has done a big action; during a day, so many little things should be more valorated.

From my point of view, being gratefully to the people who help you would be a motivation for doing things for the others.

This writing is about the most important person in my live, he is my brother.

While I was writing it I started feeling better, all of it were only thoughts but when I wrote it I realized that he's more important and sometimes I don't apreciate it.

A PAI consists in express what you would do to improve or keep your current situation. Sometimes we need to see it to keep our motivation for achieving our dreams.

In this subject I have learned about psychological wellbeing, the principal actions which creates it. I have also learned new technical vocabulary like flow, flourishing,... and how to create and maintain this wellbeing and mental wealth being positive, gratificated, satisfied,...

The part which I found more useful is recognizing and valuating all the good things that I have now and work to improve it or achieve new others in a future

I will apply all I have learned following the PAI which I have done to get motivation and achieve all I want.

Before finishing this year I would like to get my driving license, I will start studying in summer holidays, I will do a timetable to calculate how many hours I have to invest studying in a day because then I will spend the rest of the time with my friends.

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