Keystone XL Pipeline: A New Opening, but What Lies Ahead? by Clifford Krauss

Summary: In his first days in office, President Donald Trump signed orders to move forward with the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, reversing the government's and former President Obama's initial decision to stop the building due to its negative environmental impact. Obama claimed it would be "antithetical" to the United States' reliance on carbon fuels. The Keystone XL pipeline has long been at the center of a struggle pitting environmentalists against advocates of energy independence and economic growth but since its revival it has been even more prevalent in todays environmental discussions. Protestors opposed to the pipeline have taken the streets all across the US to try to get the attention of President Trump and the attention of all Americans.

Analysis: Environmentalists say the pipeline could leak and damage local water supplies, and they contend that the project would expand the extraction of oil sands, a heavy oil that has a relatively high carbon footprint because it requires extensive, energy-intensive processing and refining. These are predictions and have not yet happened. TransCanada, the Canadian oil company building the pipeline, have the same concerns as the protestors all across America. They want execute this pipeline effectively so the US and Canada can both reap the benefits of an increased oil supply and a decreased reliance on foreign countries for oil like Saudi Arabia and other members of OPEC. If things were to go wrong, yes, there would be cause for concern but now that President Trump has made a decision all we can is wait for a problem to occur then take action. Rather than already persecuting the man for trying increase the supply of one of the worlds most prized fuels which underpins our high standard of living.

Big Takeaway: The pipeline still has a long way to go before it can be built. TransCanada, has reapplied for a permit, which the State Department needs to thoroughly examine the application and approve it. President Trump wants to renegotiate the pipeline deal on better terms for the United States, including the possibility of requiring American-made pipes. Any deal negotiated by Trump, however, will surely be challenged in the courts and by vigorous local civil disobedience. The Keystone XL pipeline has sparked a reaction from the world that in the past, would have been usually swept under the rug by businessmen like Trump. The people of America have vamped up their efforts to limit our environmental impact on our earth. Keeping the public informed about how we as Americans effect the environment is important. President Trump has to understand these values and hopefully he will because it's a crucial part of our future. We will see the effects of the Keystone XL and see if what President Trump decided was wrong or not.

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