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NAATI Certified Practitioner no. CPN5TA07O

NAATI advanced translator no. 18485

NZSTI translator no. 1398


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to see/stamp my original document?

No, I do not. All translations can be done by email without us meeting in person. This is standard practice in Australia & New Zealand.

In that case, what will my certified translation look like?

You will receive an electronic copy (pdf) of your translation, certified with my official NAATI or NZSTI stamp and signature on all pages.

How can I be sure an electronic translation will be accepted?

In addition to my NAATI or NZSTI stamp, I include a declaration as to the accuracy of the translation. This is required by the Department of Foreign Affairs. More importantly, I am certifying that I am translating from an electronic copy and that no changes or additions have been made. You must attach your copy of the original source document when you submit the translation to the Authorities.

How should I print the translation?

Print the translation in colour, as my signature and declaration is in blue. If the translation turns out to be on one page only, print the declaration on the reverse side.

Can I get a hard copy mailed to me?

Not at the moment. Due to border restrictions and mail delays, I am not offering paper copies of your translation right now.

Is it necessary to have your original translation of my driving licence?

No, you don't need the original version of my translation because the digital copy that you print out yourself from my email is valid with all Australian authorities (police etc.) and also the car rental agencies. However, even though an original translation is not required, bear in mind that you must keep your French or Spanish-language licence on you at all times. My translation is valid for three years within Australia.

What if I need the translation super-urgently?

This may be possible - and with standard documents like birth certificates, driving licences etc. - in as little as one hour! There is an additional fee for this quick turnaround service.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Within Australia or NZ: Bank Transfer is preferred
  • Outside of Australia or NZ: Credit cards or PayPal

I'm currently in Australia/New Zealand, but do not have a bank account, or PayPal account, to transfer you the money. What can I do?

You can walk into any branch of my Bank and deposit cash straight into my account. Look below for the 'Ready to Hire' button to see my account details.

When will you start my translation?

This depends on my pending work, however, I cannot start on your translations until proof of payment is received. A timeframe for the estimated delivery of your translation was given to you in your email Quote.

How will you know that I've paid you?

PayPal and Square (for credit cards) will notify me of your payment straight away. If you are paying by bank transfer, because it takes 2 working days to appear in my account, please kindly email me a screenshot of the transfer and I will get to work on your documents.

Any electronic translation not bearing a sworn declaration and which does not include specific details from the original document WILL NOT be accepted by the Australian/NZ Authorities. I adhere to the Australian/NZSTI Interpreters & Translators' Code of Ethics. All information is kept in the strictest confidence.

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What now?

If you agree to the quote you've been given, and all your questions have been answered, please click on the below 'Ready to Hire' button to see my bank account details, to pay by Paypal.Me, or if you prefer paying by credit card, simply reply to your email and request a credit card invoice.

I look forward to being of service.

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