The Inequality of Women in India By Francesca Gamba

What question I investigated and why

I investigated the topic Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in India and the question "How are women opressed in Indian society?" because I was curious to see how much gender roles affect the lives of Indian women and how they are mistreated other than them having to be loyal to their husbands. I also wanted to see and compare how much this affects daily life in India vs. how much it affects American society today.

What I found in the Result of my Research

I fount that females in India are more often than not seen as less than men. Females are married early, abused, raped and aborted simply for being female. The is a culture of rape in India is unreal. Female victims are often seen as having encouraged their attackers. They are told that the women who are raped are more at fault than the rapists and that women suffering sexual assault should just be silent. Women who are pregnant with girls are told, forced and beaten to abort their child by friends and family. In fact, about 2333 girls in India are being selectively aborted per day just for being born female. Each year about 1,670,079 women “go missing” as a result of these sex-selective practices, and India partakes in this epidemic. Women in India are told they have to provide clean water and adequate sanitation for their communities, be a good wife, and to not disrespect their mother-in-laws.

Questions I have as a result of My research

  • Why are women in India treated so unfairly when the only thing they are told is to serve their husbands, not be slaves?
  • Why are women still being married early?
  • Why are women unwanted so much that they have to be killed?
  • Why are so many abortions going un-noticed?
  • How do women make sense of all the mistreatment happening around them?
  • Why is this not a more popular topic?

How does the answer explain why it is important for Americans to know about the legacy of Hinduism?

The answer to my previous question; "How are women opressed in Indian society?" really explains that it important to know about the legacy of Hinduism because women being loyal to their husbands has topped new heights and is affecting how Indians are devaluing women if they don't do everything a male tells them to. I think that the answer explains how the flawed interpretations of a religion can make women believe that they deserve bad treatment. It is important to know that the Hinduism belief system caused this effect because maybe Americans can understand why people feel that it is justifiable to treat women with so much abuse. I think that it is also important to know so that we can send help to the women who thin that this should not be happening to them and that women are still supposed have rights.

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