The Effect of Stereotype In The Community By: R Willis

The media is always making stereotype look terrible in society because what they say and people think it's true.

One day my brother and I went to the the galleria and we was going to the GUCCI store and wanted to buy some clothes.So we walk in the store and we're looking at some GUCCI belts and a man who works at the store walked up to us and said "I don't think ya'll can afford that belt." So I say sir we're just looking around at the moment, and he say "Oh sure you are." At this moment i am very pissed because this man think i cant afford any of these items in this store and he is judging me on my skin color. So then i pick up the GUCCI belt and the man say "I thought I said you couldn't afford that, go shop somewhere else this store is for people with money, not people who steal stuff. Then i pull out then money when i got the decks the buy the belt and he says "We don't stolen money" at this point i'm really pissed off and a costumer saw what I was going through and stepped in. The lady said "who are you too say what these young boys can or cannot buy. Then the man said "but ma'am they look like they will steal this kind of items" and the lady said" who are you too judge who cant buy stuff from here, what make's them different from me"? The man said "ok ma'am i understand i was just having a terrible day and i was talking it out on these young boys. So the man ringed up the GUCCI belt and he also apologized too my brother and I and I payed for my belt and left the GUCCI store. That was the one time a person I got racial profiled me because of the way I was looking and my skin color.

The officer says that he is not (racial profiling) the African-American man but he clearly is, when his say's"It's just that most CRIMINALS LOOK LIKE YOU".

Also the media is really good at making people believe what's not true about minorities stereotypes.Like black women are shown as being violent in movies is 56% compared to white women is 11%. Then black males and oftentimes, the hispanic males are constantly betrayed as violent, angry and criminally, lacking intelligence and also in illegal activity such as drugs and robbery. Then African- American women are also betrayed as being (loud, angry mother figures.) Similarly, Latino-Americans, have been subject to prominent stereotypes: the comic (unintelligent lazy buffoons) the Latin lover (oversexed promiscuos seducers.

This picture just shows how the media categorize some of these stereotypes

Also the LBGT community gets stereotyped by the media too, because in TV show as well as in movies, when a homosexual character is present, it is often seen in a stereotypical fashion. Homosexual male characters are typically formed from stereotypes of femininity; whereas lesbian females characters are typically formed from stereotypes of masculinity. The idea that they must be a certain way, otherwise they are not gay at all, shows that society will accept seeing homosexuality in media how they are best understand.

The media always make stereotypes and people in society believe what the media say's and people judge other people and makes people be a victim of stereotyped.

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