My Carving By garrett j.o.

First I wanted to make a dragon but it was to detailed so, I searched up cool logos and I found this it was a mix of a cool image and a dragon so I choose this. then I tried to add my name and other stuff but it made if t look weird. So I stayed with just the original and then hoped it would turn out we'll.

My first step was to find a cool image. Then my instruction was to customize whatever I wanted to carve but I felt like I did not need to customize it, because I thought that nothing was missing, after that I checked the positive and negative shapes so I did not need to fix those. I looked at the thin parts in inventables and nothing was red so it would carve well. Then I made the image a little more tall so it would have less of a square shape. I tried to customize the image but I thought it looked fine as I found it.

I Had to bring my picture to easle so I could transfer my photo to the carving machine. then I had to pick the drill bit, the material, the cut and if my picture had good positives and negatives. My image had that so I could start carving my image. Finally I made my image more square and resize it to make it fit the six by six board.

This is my image getting carved. The way it works is the image goes to the machine and the computer proceses the image. Then the drill bit spins around to carve the image. There were pegs to hold the board in place that you can see in the back. I had to upload my file to the machine then it would carve I had to clean off all the plastic from the machine and the stuff off the board. Then it was done.

The proses was slow but it worked the machine works by spinning a drill really fast so to can cut the image you have chosen the part that was exciting was when it was carving and when I took it out because I thought that maybe something could have went wrong I learned that there are lots of factors to make you carve come out good

I think that my project turned out well and there were no problems my carve turned out good and it looked exactly as I had intended when I did it I did everything to make sure that the positives and negatives were good and there were no flaws I am most proud that I found a picture I liked and I was the first one to finish I think I could be more creative and draw the image next time I think that the most interesting part of the process was when it was carving and the difficult part was watching it because I thought something might go wrong and finally I think this project could not of turned out betterĀ 

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