All About That Brina By: Tanisha ( Nisha) Sukheepod


Did you know Sabrina Carpenter is only 5 feet 4 inches tall! Her career began big time in 2014-2015. Sabrina is more than just a pretty face and a singing artist. In this article you’ll find more about Sabrina Carpenter’s likes, how she began, and different movies she’s been in.

Facts and Information:

Sabrina is about her singing, but have you wondered about the facts that y’all never take the time to see? Like did anybody know that her middle name is Ann-Lynn? Sabrina has two blood sisters named Sara and Shannon. She also has a stepsister named Cayla. Sabrina was born in Pennsylvania, 1999, May 11th. Sabrina’s mother’s name is Elizabeth Carpenter, and her father on the other hand his name is David Carpenter. Sabrina is 17 years, while her best friend Rowan Blanchard is 15 years. Sabrina Carpenter’s facts are more than you think, right?This was just the beginning of my article read more to see more

Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter

How She Began:

Sabrina Carpenter started off like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes etc. Sabrina sang a cover, on the place where people were always watching, YOUTUBE. An agent found brought her up, Sabrina start to get featured in many movies and shows, and she got more attention from fans. She start doing some singing and gained more attention from fans. Sabrina started like a normal person, but she worked, to get into shows and became the person she is today.

This was before she was really famous, while she was younger

Movies and Shows:

Sabrina was featured in many movies and shows. Sabrina was featured in a disney sitcom, ‘AUSTIN and ALLY’. Maybe that's why she is all about that disney now. She was playing as a “Joke” in the show, in this episode, Sabrina was in a talent show, and she was supposed to be a clown, where she fails, but it turned around. Brina was also featured in Noobz, a movie that is about a person (Jason) and three friends traveled to LA to do a gaming competition . Sabrina was a ‘supporter’ for Cody, a guy in the group . She was also featured as a love interest in Horns 2014. Sabrina acted as the younger love interest . Sabrina was featured in Austin & Ally, Noobz, and horns, etc. She had to practice A LOT to get her career to get BIG.

One of the show she performed with the cast of Girl Meets World

Fun Facts

Sabrina won an award last year, ( 2015) at the disney radio awards

Sabrina is co-staring a show with her BBF Rowand

Sabrina released a new album in 2016 called Evolution

Sabrina’s career started with her first album, Eyes Wide Open


Sabrina birth sign is Taurus

Sabrina got 3rd place in Miley Cyrus’s singing competition Link to video

Sabrina’s fav artist is Adele

She is still always covering songs on Instar etc


There is more to Sabrina Carpenter then we think, right? You have to really know a singer to know a singer. There is a lot more facts about Sabrina Carpenter, after reading this article make sure to share your information to others.

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