Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale Week Ending January 13th

Important Dates

Friday, January 13, 2017

  • No School-Teacher In Service

Monday, January 16, 2017

  • No School-Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Thursday, January 19, 2017

  • PTG Meeting

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 6P.M. - 7P.M.

  • Middle School Science Fair

Saturday, February 4, 2017

  • CAS STAR WARS OPEN HOUSE-Please bring friends and help spread the word about our awesome school!

A Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents,

What a privilege it is to work with your children! There is nothing so moving or so beautiful as seeing students be genuine and kind to one another as we see each and every day. They are proof that love abides at Catholic Academy. In their hearts, minds, faces and hands we see God move through our small corner of the world. In a time of change and struggle and grief, peace and kindness are theirs.

Bless you for all you have done to keep His love alive and well and secure for a future that sometimes isn't the latter for many.

Together, we are a powerful force of His wonder. May we bless and refresh one another for this year's journey.

Peace to you and your house,

Susan Morrissey



This week in Toddlers our theme was community helpers. We enjoyed learning about firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, teachers and mail carriers and so many more amazing people.

Our Montessori lessons this week had us tracing the lowercase letter l. We talked about feelings and what it means to be happy, sad and angry. We also had a lot of fun learning the nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill an


This week in preschool we have learned and the rainy weather! We also learned how to use percussion instruments while singing "Rain rain go away".


This week in kindergarten, students started off the week with a great music class. Mr. Rodriguez taught them beats and a new song! The students also began a unit on weather. They created their very own weather books with very nice illustrations.

First Grade

The first grade explored one of our favorite authors as we read the anchor text biography "Dr. Seuss" in our Journeys series this week. Jasmine mentioned that the Lorax was one of her favorite characters. Many other students readily agreed with her! Darsh came up with some fun ideas such as making Dr. Seuss hats and having a Cat in the Hat celebration. Sounds lovely like fun!

Second Grade

This week, we pondered upon the many ways that our parents show their love for us.

We talked about the sacrifices parents do for us. We talked about how they take care of us--growing healthy as we are now. Then, we thought of 25 ways to show our love for them. Simple as it may seem, parents' hearts will melt when they read what their children wrote.

Third Grade

Congratulations to our winner, Andrew Diwa

The 5th Annual Spelling Bee at CAS was held this Wednesday, January 11th. The Third Grade was represented by our class winner, Andrew Diwa. Almost all of the Third Grade students entered the class competition held earlier this school year. After a long, hard fought contest, Andrew was named class winner. He met with the school coordinator in early December and received the special school-side spelling list. Andrew spent much of Christmas Vacation studying. Congratulations to all of the Third Grade students who entered our class contest. Special congratulations to our winner, Andrew.

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade class has embarked on a research project to become experts on the explorers that visited California. Their goal is to educate their classmates on one specific explorer, their significance, and the route that they took. Many of the explorers came west in search of gold, resources, and to spread Christianity. Each student is researching their explorer and creating a biography card to show off their accomplishments, as well as routes they took.

Fifth Grade

This week in 5th grade Robotics, the students programmed their robot's color sensor to work in ambient light intensity mode to make the robot sense light. They made experiments to make the robot move when the lights went on, and stop moving when the lights went off. They also measured intensity in different parts of the room and outside in sunlight.

Gaby, our tech-savvy saved her customized Flappy Code game as an "application". These little steps of inquisitiveness will make our kids become successful one day.

Marisa got an award for winning the class Spelling bee and she displayed great sportsmanship in the school wide Spelling bee competition.

Sixth Grade

I want to take this moment to congratulate Sofia Liste and winning second place in our school Spelling Bee. Go Sofia! This week in 6th-grade science the students are analyzing weather maps and developing their own understanding of the relationships between air pressure and clouds, the factors that influence climate, weather fronts, and the jet stream!

Seventh Grade

This week the 7th grade students tried to use a sensor to make their robots follow a line in robotics class.

In art & design, the 7th graders learned about ergonomics these past two weeks researching certain products in the working environments. Ergonomics relates to or is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. 7th Graders thought it would be more fun redesigning a lightsaber since open house is in February.

The art apprentices went back to basics with drawing techniques for self portraits. The artists are learning the proportions of the face. They are learning and relearning how to place each proportion of the face and how to blend and shade using pencils, charcoal, and blenders, to make the drawings realistic.

Eighth Grade

The 8th Grade class is knee-deep in their year-long writing project, The Autobiography. Students are asked to submit a series of essays about their life, reflecting on various aspects. The class has already completed drafts on A Typical Day, Famous Firsts, After School, and Personality. The finished product will also include photographs and drawings to truly round out The Autobiography project.

Physical Education/Health

Despite stormy weather, our football unit continued on this week developing through more practice of throwing and catching skills. Newer warm-ups are conditioning our students in preparation of more sophisticated foot-work in the coming days. As our Spelling Bee occupied our gym on Wednesday, we caught up with some indoor Health lessons. Younger grades reviewed our Presidential standards for base-skills like push-ups, curl-ups, arm and leg stretches, and PACER test requirements. Our middle school students learned about the toxic chemical exposures, hazards, and biological/psychological consequences of smoking cigarettes.


The students learned two Chinese words, "福fú " and "春chūn " this week. "福" means good luck in Chinese. During the Chinese New Year, Chinese people would paste this word on the door. On the other hand, the students watched a short video about year monster so they knew why Chinese people like "red" color for Chinese New Year. Thus, the students learned how to write "福" on the red paper.

Extended Care

This has been an exciting week in Extended Care as we have welcomed 3 new furry friends to our room. Three Robonino Dwarf hamsters are now scurrying around in their new habitat to the delight of our attendees. Look forward to some new swimming friends in our aquarium in the coming weeks. As the weather has limited our outdoor opportunities, we have been creating up a storm with artistic projects and other crafts. Favorites this week have been home-made "Mondrian-Style" mobiles, mathematic rainbow seashell patterns calculated from Fibonnacci sequences, stylistic cursive name designs, and custom "Garden Elves". We have been very fortunate to have some great volunteer help from former CAS graduates to supplement our program. In these stormy days, there is still room available to join us in Extended Care. Please contact Mrs. Placencia and/or Mr. Lee to reserve a spot for your child after-school!

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