Jimi Hendrix A brief summary

Childhood Years

He was born in Seattle November 22 1942. Jimi is one of 5 kids and his dad was army. Jimi's legal name was Johnny Allen Hendrix but later changed to James Marshall Hendrix in horror of al, his father. His family was very poor and along with his brother Leon was in and out of foster homes.

His mom died from liver disease when he was 15 and he was not allowed to go to his mother funeral. In stead his father gave him a shot of whisky and told him that how men deal with loss. Later that year he got his acoustic guitar for 5 dollars.

Teenage Years

His first band was called the Velvetons and he needed a electric guitar to be heard. At 19 he was arrested for riding in a stollen car. He was given a choice to go to jail or join the army so he joined the army in 1961.

He did not go to college

He was a paratrooper in the army. During his time in the army he got in a lot trouble (bad at shooting guns and caught napping on duty). In 1962 was discharged from the army

Musical Career

He is now starting music career. He played back up guitar for Little Richard. He later was fired by Little Richard for being late and wearing things he's was not posed to wear. In the beginning of his music career he went to London.

Early in his career he got to meet Eric Clapton he was impressed by his guitar playing ability.

He was know for playing with his teeth and behind his back. He also started the Jimi Hendrix experience during his time. He then recorded "Hey Joe" and "Purple Haze". He also played at Woodstock. The song he was most known for playing at Woodstock was "Star Spangled Banner".

During his career he was known for taking drugs. He died in September 1970 in a hotel in London. His death is still widely disputed, he was 27. He also known for creating many guitar pedals we still use today.

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