Romero Britto inspired Sculpture Pop- Art Sculpture Book Karine Maldonado

Today March 10,2017 we were told we are supposed to write in this website. Apparently the 6 sketches were due today and I had no idea so I didn't finish them. I only have one of them so I'm going to go work on that. Peace #thestruggles

Today March 14,2017 I have to redo my sketches since I didn't do good on them. That's what I have to be working on today. My goal is to be done with the sketches and get them accepted. I am actually going to try on my sketches this time.

Today March 20,2017 I have to make my sketches bigger into my sketchbook. I got my sketches accepted the other day. and now I have to make them larger and I still need to color. I am still behind.

Today March 22,2017 I made the drawing larger it's now on the larger sheet. I have to go over it with a sharpie and then I have to color it. Its all due by the end of the block so I'm going to have to hurry.

Today March 24, 2017 I finished my drawing and I finished tracing it with a sharpie. I Started water coloring and I need to finish it off today. I'm still not even half way done. I added to much green so it looks horrible. i'm going to see if I can fix it.

Today March 28,2017 I need to finish coloring. I'm still not done. I feel like I should restart it. I probably will. My colors do not look good, so i'm going to try to fix it.

Today April 4,2017 I just turned in my book cover. It's done. I need to start on my pages and I need to copy my designs into my big sheet. I messed up so I need to restart it over again.

Today April 6,2017 I just finished writing my first drawing on the big paper. I am also done outlining and I need to do the same on the back before I go back and start coloring the patterns.

Today April 18,2017 I started coloring. I am halfway done through my first one. I plan on using watercolor to paint my drawing. I am also deciding if I should use markers or colored pencils. I like this project not as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Today April 20.2017 I still need to finish my coloring. I am still halfway done. This project is due next Friday and I am still not caught up. My goal is to finish the 1st drawing and colored today.

Today April 24,2017 I am still not done on the front side of my sheet of paper. I am going to finish it today and I will start on the back. It's due on Friday front and back. i will start on the back and hopefully be done by Friday. We have a half day on Wednesday.

Today April 26, 2017 I am done with the back and I am halfway done with the back. MY goal is to try to finish this project by today since it is due next week. I messed up on my drawing and my words keep smearing.

Today April 28, 2017 I know have finished the back of my drawing. I took me some time but now i am done. I am proud of the way it turned out looking. I know have to cut it into thirds. I'll do that next class.

Today May 2, 2017 my project is due by the end of the week and i have started cutting it. my book is now glued together. What i don't get is how are we supposed to make it not look flat.

Today may 4, 2017 our projects are due. I have started decorating mines. I am almost done and I feel like I've done an excellent job showing and making my book pop out. i just turned it in.


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