Robotics- Simple Machines "Think, Do, Test"


Challenge #1 is to make a pendulum that will be able to knock down 3 blocks in one swing and be succcessful every 2 out of 3 tests.

Critera- Penedulum must knock down 3 blocks every 2 out of 3 test, must be made of VEX IQ parts, and must be stable without anyone's hand holding the base.


"Think"- Today we had to build a pendulum from directions. The very first design did not work because it slid around when we let go of the penedulum arm and it would not knock down the blocks. So we added a bigger base to the base of the pendulum along with some wheels for weight and grip.

"Do"- After we tested our penedulum with the modifications- bigger base and added weights- we realized it wasn't enough. So we added a longer pillars and a longer arm to hold the wheel and it made the pendulum faster and stronger.

"Test"- Our pendulum was a big success! It swung as fast as we wanted it to and knocked the blocks down every time- 100% success rate- due to the longer arms and pillars, weights, and a larger base. With the longer arm and pillars it had more time to speed up and hit the blocks stronger!

Challenge #2 (1/11/17) Pully System


Challenge #2 is to create a pulley system that can lift 3 small objects from 2 different floors like an elevator.

Criteria- Must lift 3 blocks at a time, must use a pulley system, must include a platform or container to lift and lower the 3 blocks, and must have a mechanism to lift and lower the platform manually.


"Think"- I think we should build a crane-like pully system with a crank in the back where you can spin it and the elevator goes up and down between the 2 floors carrying the 3 blocks.

"Do"- We completely made a new pulley system than the one that we first made. We made a base that has 3 different pairs of pillars that are all different sizes. One pair is used for the pulley that lifts the box, the next pair is used for the pulley that holds and directs the string, and the last pair of pillars is used for the crank to wind up the string to lift the box.

"Test"- Our pulley system was a huge success. The crank works fineand the box lifts up with ease. One problem that we would maybe fix, but isn't a big thing, would be to find a way to make the crank a bit more stable, but it seems to be fine without it.


"Think"- Today we will make a video to put on to this Spark Page for proof that our pulley works and lifts up over 3 inches. We will use Spark Video to take a video of the pulley in action.

"Do"- We made the video proof that shows our pulley meets all critera and we are now set to start our next challenge.

Challenge #3 1/17/17 Lever System

Challenge #3 is to create a lever system that lauches an object at least a foot (12 inches).

Critera- Must be entirely made of VEX IQ components, must be a lever of some kind, and it must launch the object at least a foot every 2 out of 3 times tested atleast


"Think"- Today we will start making the very first design of our lever system. Once we do that we think we will make motifications to it so it can shoot objects over a foot. By doing that i think we will need to make the launching arm longer.

"Do"- We made the first design then we modified it by turning it upside down and adding an arm onto that was originally the lever base. It seems to work very well and launches very far. We didn't get the final design until 3 different designs were made. The first design launched the block too high and not out. The next one the arm kept breaking off every launch, and the last design we added strength to the arm so it didn't break off. That seemed to do the trick.

"Test"- Our 3rd design worked perfectly. It launched the block over a foot and it met all critera. This lever system was a big success!

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