About us and what scientists say

“Forest Air comes at a time when ecosystems around the world need our help like never before in human history. We need to restore and protect forest, its biodiversity and native peoples, but we need to work faster. Tied to offices we all need ears and all-seeing eyes on the ground and in real time. Forest Air are these eyes and hands to stop the first fire, to collect the last seed, to monitor forest and community health and watch over the first shoots to restore life - our life and our hearts”

Dr Oli Whaley, Chair Rainforest Concern, Research Associate Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh (RBGE), Research Associate Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (RBGK), Science strategy advisor to Forest Air.

Founding members of Forest Air

Mike Campbell-Jones is a leading designer of paramotor wings and an engineer. His company, Paramania is one of the best-known brands in the paramotoring world. Over 25 years Mike has also directed and competed in international FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) competitions and he and his two sons have gathered a substantial following and are influential trend setters. Forest Air will use Mike’s reputation to bring thousands of paramotor pilots into meaningful projects on a voluntary basis.

Ron McCullagh is an investigative filmmaker. He began at the BBC and then founded his own production company 28 years ago, Insight News TV (latterly) Insight TWI. He has produced and exec produced many investigations in challenging places and trained 100s of journalists to make their own films. He has won a Bafta and 2 Emmys.

Benoit Planquart is an international top Energy Executive, he has worked with governments and Energy companies, both in Europe and Overseas. He has a proven track record of combining vision and implementation capabilities as well as leadership and negotiating skills. In parallel he has developed an innovative local and permaculture gardening cooperative solution in France. He is also very experienced in project management and logistics. As an engineer in robotics, he has been involved in many industrial projects mainly in Africa.

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