PAWB's paxton, August, Will and braden

Our group had a goal to ring a bell with only the touch of a finger. We started with our blue print design...

Our ingredients included ramp racer track (inclined plane), pendulum (lever), dominoes (lever), golf ball on ramp (inclined plane), hanging weight (lever), more dominoes, and finally, a push bell.

Our grow was definitely having everything set up in the perfectly right place.

Our glow was that we had many materials to work with, and had a good blueprint plan.

We had a very good group process, splitting up who would bring what, and who would do what. We all listened to each of our ideas.

This was our starting where the car coming from the ramp would hit the pendulum.

The pendulum hit a marble that rolled down a ruler ramp.

That hit the dominoes that were able to knock a golf ball down another ramp, hitting more dominoes to hit a hanging weight.

The hanging weight hit dominoes that fell on top of the push bell to ring it. We ended up replacing the balloon with a push bell.

This was our final product!

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Will Coutre

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