Sudan and South Sudan Presentation by max miller

The conflict is taking place in Sudan and now South Sudan. Most of the reason why this is taking place is the government there but there is also religious reasons to because they arey different South Sudan is mixed religions and Sudan is mostly Islamic. But now they are split up and are Sudan and South Sudan now.

The people involved in this are the Sudanese people and the government was a big part of it. The religious conflicts were the Islamic people vs the Christianity and other religions that are against Islamic. There is no phisichal boundary that sepperates the country except for government.

There current situation is that they are two different states now. It all started in 1956 when South Sudan wanted more autonomy from the government(like a more self sufficient country). They both wanted freedom from each other and they wanted autonomy like I said. South Sudan wanted sovereignty and they got it. And history has shaped it from the government has really been on them and the past civil wars that happened from them.

The US should be concerned about this conflict because there could be a large number of immagrints that ayes it's safer if there's another civil war. They have givin them lots of money from the government to help. I would say they should do nothing more they should just stay out of there way and let them sort it out otherwise we could get caught in the middle.

This conflict is mostly already solved from treaty's they have set and they have split states. The advantages is there are no more civil fights and wars but the disadvantage is that they can't be in unity anymore

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