HealthCheck An Overview

What is HealthCHECK (EPSDT)?

HealthCheck is Wisconsin’s name for a federal Medicaid program feature called Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT).

HealthCheck provides medical, vision, hearing and dental preventative care (screenings, “well-child checks”), treatment, and case management services for Medicaid-eligible children up to age 21.

Medically-necessary treatments, services, and/or products are covered through “HealthCheck Other Services” even if they would not typically be covered under Wisconsin Medicaid. Examples include certain medications, mental health services, and equipment.

The Issues

Prevention programs are a vital part of our public health system, particularly for children. Although strong programs for children exist, red tape, ignorance, and indifference stand in the way of needed services.

In Wisconsin, children receiving BadgerCare or Medicaid services need improved access to legally required prevention and medical treatment services. Inadequate outreach and education for parents, providers, and advocates leads to poor child health screening and treatment referral rates in Wisconsin as compared to other states.

Wisconsin consistently fails to address and serve the healthcare needs of many vulnerable children. We can and must do better. And we will. We are creating an action plan to help Wisconsin’s children.

HealthCheck Task Force

ABC for Health, Inc., a nonprofit law firm in Madison, Wisconsin, partnered with other advocates to address knowledge and program barriers and promote education and outreach for stakeholders including families, providers, and advocates to form the HealthCheck Task Force (HCTF).

Our HCTF approached State of Wisconsin staff to stimulate outreach, education, and policy improvement strategies. Such efforts will target HealthCheck stakeholders to assure that children receive all available and necessary HealthCheck services.

The HCTF continues to develop accessible education, outreach, and social media strategies to help ensure that all children obtain quality health services required by law and to increase momentum toward this goal-- but we still need help!

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