An Animated Community Emily Hiott

Gerti the Dinosaur was one of the first animations. It was created by Winsor McCay in 1914. These are pictures of the feature, but only about 400 pictures of the original drawings. Creating the first inspiring animations, evolved a community that was lacking. McCay took a large step into this new creative community.

Toy Story was the first animated movie to be completely computer generated. It was released in 1995. In just 81 years, the progression of animated films creatively skyrocketed. Jumping into the computer generated creative community set Toy Story apart.
Pixar is the leading innovator of animated films. Releasing Toy Story in 1995 was the company's big break. Thriving off of its originality and creativity, Pixar rapidly released 8 films a couple years over a decade.
Joining up with Disney was a creative risk that Pixar decided take. It ended up working out for the best, obviously, but this risk could have led to a downfall for both companies. This choice led the companies to explore many new horizons.
Continuing to dive into new creative communities, shows exactly why Pixar is an innovator of animation. Pushing through the difficulties of keeping their audience tuned into their films, Pixar consistently takes risks hoping for success in their creative endeavors.


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