L-Tido x AKA x Yanga Thixo Music video


The story follows a young vibrant couple facing challenges in the modern day social setting,the girlfriend is new in the city of Johannesburg and goes on an outing with her jealous beau who is a well known socialite in the city, to a pool party and gets invited to a celebration later in the evening and things turn ugly at the end.

Scene 1

The first scene is in a sombre afternoon at a cemetery where a funeral in taking place. A stranger arrives mid procession and an argument ensues causing a big commotion and shocking mourners ending the first scene abruptly.

Scene 2

The story now resumes at a mansion in the heart of Sandton,where a celebration is taking place. This is where all the drama begins as the couple struggle to get along when the lady is distracted by the good life she sees at the gathering.

Scene 3

In the last scene the girlfriend still struggles to contain herself,now at a different setting in the evening. Corks are flying and the party is at its height when a loud gun shot is heard and everybody frantically runs for for cover.

Club Scene
The End

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