Hugo Chavez Hugo Rafael chavez frias

- Born July 28, 1954 in Sabaneta, Barinas, Venezuela

- he was raised by his grandmother, and went to school at a military academy

-following his education, he became the president from 1999-2013

-unfortunately he died of cancer on March 5, 2013

Hugo Chavez. 2017. Encyclopaedia Britannica Online. Accessed 20 Mar. 2017.

One of the themes that Hugo Chavez portrayed was revolution. In the beginning of the presidency, which was in December of 1988, he won the presidential election with 56% of the votes. His approval rating his first year was 80%. People were all for his presidency until he decided to take Venezuela down a similar path as Cuba. Many people still did support him, but others began to feel alienated by his increasingly radical agenda. Chavez was alienating the US and other people in the west by closing ties with Castro and with Iran, Iraq, and Libya. Overall, Hugo represented Revolution because people went from liking him to not liking him, so he changed the way people think.

Hugo Chavez represented the power and authority them from the 8 themes of world history. He obviously had power and authority because he was the president of Venezuela for almost 14 years. Chavez was highly liked at the beginning of his presidency because he received an approval rate of 80%, which I had mentioned earlier. Although his supports, also known Chavistas, we decreasing he still had a good amount of them. He may have still been president, but his presidency ended when he died of cancer on March 5, 2013.

Hugo Chavez died at the age of 58 due to cancer that had spread into his pelvic region. When Hugo was alive, he mentioned his cancer, but never the type of tumor he had. Following his death there was a new election, but it was called off and the vice-president, Nicolas Maduro, served as an interim president. Eventually Nicolas was elected as the official president on April 14th.

a quote once said by Hugo Chavez


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