April 2019 @BVNLibrary

In April we collaborated with 71 classes and over 1,750 students! We held the 3rd BVN Physics Cardboard Boat Regatta, talked 3D printing and Instagram, and played more BreakoutEDU! Read on to learn the details.


Students in Mrs. Salimbene's Sociology classes learned about the sociological implications of 3D printing and applied the technology to the theories students have learned. Students also incorporated research about infomercials. Students used TinkerCAD to create team mandalas and then presented them to their team "Billy Mays Style". The winning design from each team was printed and distributed to each team member.

Physics Cardboard Boat Regatta

Students in Mrs. Prakash's Physics classes used a week to plan, design, prototype, build and sail their cardboard boats across the Greg House Memorial Pool! The event was emceed by BVN's own George McKinney and over 300 students attended each race! Boat captains were interviewed about the science behind their boats and the crowd voted for their favorite boats, themes, and sinking. 3Dprinted trophies were awarded to the 2 fastest boats, 3 most spirited boats, the best themed boats, and the most spectacular sinking. It was an awesome science pool party of a day!


Newspaper students learned about professional aspects of Instagram from Mrs. Peknik, our practicum student (and former para). Students created Instagram posts about new books, our new board game collection, and also made "bookface" posts.

Science Breakout

Students in Ms. Exon's Physical Science classes and Mrs. Weise's Chemistry classes played Breakout in the library. Chemistry classes played in preparation to create their own digital breakout games next month.

Honors Biology

Students in Ms. Exon's Honors Biology classes began researching information for their final presentations. Students used library databases, including a free trial to Gale's Interactive Science and Science in Context to research their topics and then created an Annotated Bibliography.

AP Test Prep

We visited students in AP Bio, AP Literature, AP Calc, and AP Euro to remind them of how to use the TERC database to prepare for AP Exams. Students were excited to have this resource available.


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